Bet you don’t remember who won his first ever 450 AMA Supercross Race at Houston? Here’s a hint – it wasn’t Ryan Villopoto, or James Stewart, or Chad Reed, or Ryan Dungey, or Kevin Windham. Give up? Read on!

Trey Canard wins his first ever Supercross Main Event! Justin Barcia wins 250 East Regional Supercross Main Event! Round six of the 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, an FIM World Championship, at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Ryan Villopoto takes over Supercross series points lead.

Reliant Stadium

Supercross Series heads east! Will James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto will continue their personal battle for the 2011 Championship? 16 year old Ken Roczen will give the Supercross class a try on the KTM 350. And it’s the first round of the East Regional Lites – Justin Barcia, Dean Wilson, Malcolm Stewart (James younger brother), Blake Baggett, Ian Trettel, PJ Larsen, and more!

In the first timed practice of the day for the the Supercross class, it was James Stewart with the quickest lap time – 48.60 seconds, on a track that looks great, has moist dirt, and started to develop some ruts in the corners. Second fastest in the Supercross class – defending Champion Ryan Dungey 48.67. Then Ryan Villopoto, Trey Canard, Kyle Chisholm, Justin Brayton, Andrew Short, Davi Millsaps, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, Brett Metcalfe, Ivan Tedesco, Thomas Hahn, and Ken Roczen. Roczen’s time – 50.5.

In the East Supercross Lites Region first practice – it was Blake Baggett with a 50.344 lap as quickest … but Australasian Lites Supercross Champion P. J. Larsen also had a 50.344 lap time. Then Dean Wilson at 50.5, then Justin Barcia, Ryan Sipes, Darryn Durham, Blake Wharton, and Ian Trettel.

In the second timed practice, the East Lites had Ryan Sipes on Yamaha on top with 49.58, Blake Baggett at 49.97, Dean Wilson at 49.99 … then Durham (on a Honda), Izzi (on Honda), PJ Larsen, Matt Lemoine (on Kawasaki), Wharton, Trettel, Barcia, and then J Anderson (Trettel’s team-mate on Rockstar Suzuki).

In the second timed practice for the Supercross class, James Stewart on top with 48.56, Ryan Villopoto next with 48.7, Ryan Dungey 48.8, Trey Canard at 49 seconds, Then Kyle Chisholm, Andrew Short, Kevin Windham, Ken Roczen, Chad Reed, Brett Metcalfe, Davi Millsaps, Justin Brayton, Mike Alessi, and Ivan Tedesco.

The crowd is filling nicely as the first 250 East Lites Heat race of 2011 takes off. There is a big pile up in the first corner, but the early leader is Justin Barcia (17) on the GEICO Honda team. Bubba’s younger brother Malcolm Stewart, riding the 139 Suzuki is running second in his first ever professional supercross race and Nico Izzi is third. Blake Baggett was involved in that first corner mishap, but is moving thru the pack quickly.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 1 of 53

Barcia has stretch out a big lead already as they complete lap four of this six lap qualifier. Malcolm Stewart in second, Nico Izzi third, Blake Wharton is next and Blake Baggett on the Pro Circuit team has moved up to 11th.

At the finish it’s Justin Barcia with the win, second goes to Malcolm Stewart, then Nico Izzi, Blake Wharton, T Futrell, and A Cantanzaro on Honda. Blake Baggett finishes ninth.

250 East Qualifying Heat 2 – Darryn Durham is the leader, followed by Dean Wilson, and Jason Anderson. PJ Larsen (927) of JStar Racing is in fourth followed by Matt Lemoine.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 2 of 53

Dean Wilson is chasing Darryn Durham hard, looking for a way around him. Wilson is probing with different line selections. They’ve both pulled a bit of a gap already on the fourth lap of this six lap race. Wilson has put a wheel inside of Durham twice, but Durham has held him off. Durham goes some track makers, but still maintains his lead!

On the last lap Deano has finally worked his way around Durham. At the finish – it’s Dean Wilson with the win, second goes to PJ Larsen on the KTM! Durham finishes third,but seems to have some issues as he’s limping now that the race is over. Maybe from hitting the track markers during that one lap. Fourth is Ryan Sipes, fifth goes to Jason Anderson on Rockstar Suzuki.

Premiere Supercross Qualifying Heat 1 – Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey number 1 with the hole-shot! Half a lap in he’s already stretching out a lead! Second is Andrew Short, then Brett Metcalfe, Trey Canard, and Kevin Windham. The Supercross class runs eight lap qualifying heats.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 3 of 53

At the halfway point it’s Dungey out front, Short back in second, with Canard giving chase. Fourth is Metcalfe followed by Kevin Windham.

The checkered flag goes to Ryan Dungey! Second is Andrew Short, third Trey Canard, followed by Brett Metcalfe, Kevin Windham, Davi Millsaps, Tommy Hahn, and Chris Blose.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 2 – Kyle Regal with the hole shot! He’s chased by team-mate James Stewart and passed halfway thru the first lap. It’s Stewart with the lead at the end of lap one, Regal is next, Chad Reed is in third place, then Mike Alessi, and Ivan Tedesco. Ken Roczen is next in sixth, and Ryan Villopoto is eighth.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 4 of 53

Lap three – Stewart pulling out a lead, Regal second, Reed third. Then a close battle between Tedesco, Villopoto, Alessi and Roczen!

Just after the halfway point Stewart is out front, Regal is second, Reed is third. Villopoto has move into fourth, chased by Tedesco. Alessi and Roczen are battling, with Roczen searching and probing as he learns about AMA Supercross.

On lap six Chad Reed is close up on Regal as he tries to make the pass while Villopoto is chasing both of them! Both Reed and then Villopoto go by Regal within a few moments of each other.

On last lap Stewart is out front as Reed is now second. Villopoto in third is hounding Reed.

The win goes to James Stewart. Chad Reed is second with Ryan Villopoto right behind. Kyle Regal fourth, Ivan Tedesco fifth, Ken Roczen worked his way past Mike Alessi for sixth, with Alessi seventh and Justin Brayton eighth.

250 East 15 lap Main Event: It’s Dean Wilson with the hole-shot and he’s chased by Justin Barcia! There is a couple of crashes on the opening lap, making third position a ways back already on the first lap. On lap two Barcia passes Wilson and Wilson passes him back! Next lap Barcia goes past Wilson! They are battling! Third place is Blake Wharton, who is catching up to those top two. Fourth is Ryan Sipes, then Nico Izzi, Ian Trettel, Jason Anderson, Blake Baggett, and Alex Martin.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 5 of 53

Barcia and Wilson are battling. Lots of lead changes and Wharton is catching them!

At the ten lap mark, it’s Justin Barcia comfortably out front (if you call a two second lead comfortable), Dean Wilson is in second, Blake Wharton third, then Ryan Sipes, Ian Trettel, Blake Baggett moving up to sixth. Malcolm Stewart is 14th. PJ Larsen is 16th.

On lap 14, Ryan Sipes and Blake Wharton tangle and go down!

The first East Coast Regional 250 Lites Supercross Main event win goes to Justin Barcia! Second is Dean Wilson! Blake Baggett finishes in third! Fourth Ryan Sipes, then Ian Trettel, Blake Wharton, and Jason Anderson.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 6 of 53

20 lap Supercross Main Event: Huge crash in the first corner. Takes down James Stewart, Chad Reed, Justin Brayton.

Kevin Windham has the holeshot and is the leader on the first lap! Davi Millsaps second, Brett Metcalfe next, then Trey Canard, Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, Jason Thomas, W Peick, Ken Roczen. Ryan Villopoto is 12th, James Stewart 15th, Chad Reed 17th, Justin Brayton 19th.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 7 of 53

After five laps, Kevin Windham with a nice four second lead. Trey Canard is second, then Davi Millsaps, fourth is Ryan Dungey, then Brett Metcalfe.

On lap six James Stewart and Jason Thomas tangle – Stewart goes down!

Lap eight Kevin Windham is leading, Trey Canard second, Davi Millsaps third, Ryan Dungey is next, then Metcalfe, Short, Villopoto, Roczen, Reed, Alessi, Tedesco.

On lap 11 Windham is in the lead but goes down hard! The running order is now Trey Canard, Ryan Dungey in second, Davi Millsaps third, followed by Brett Metcalfe and then Ryan Villopoto. Nex is Short, Roczen, and Reed with Stewart in 16th.

On lap 13 Canard leads Dungey by 5 seconds. Millsaps third, then Metcalfe, and Villopoto. Next it’s Short, Roczen, Reed, Tedesco, Alessi, T Hahn, W Peick, N Wey, Brayton, and Stewart.

Dungey is closing quickly now on Canard on lap 15! Canard looks to be making a few small mistakes, while Dungey is being more aggressive.

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 8 of 53

All eyes up front on Canard leading, potentially winning his first ever Supercross Main Event, with defending Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey chasing. On lap 18 Dungey makes his pass on Canard! And Canard passes him right back!

Canard still leading lap 19, Dungey second, and Villopoto has moved into third!

After 20 laps Trey Canard wins his first ever Supercross Main Event for Honda! Ryan Dungey is second. Dungey went for the pass on the last corner/straight away, but finished just a few feet behind! Ryan Villopoto takes third place. Despite being held up in that first corner melee, RV takes over the series points lead!

Houston AMA Supercross 2011 - Flashback to Round 6 - Photo 9 of 53

Fourth is Davi Millsaps, then Andrew Short, Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, Ivan Tedesco, Mike Alessi. James Stewart finishes 15th, while Kevin Windham scores 19th, but DNF.

Recap: The 250 East Supercross Series is just beginning, but Barcia, Wilson, Wharton, and Baggett look strong. In the premiere Supercross class, it was only a matter of time before Trey Canard would win his first ever main event, and tonight was the night! Ryan Dungey put on a great show, chasing Canard right till the end – coming just a few feet short. Ryan Villopoto came from way back to finish third, and takes over the series points lead. James Stewart had two crashes to finish 15th …. and they all know it’s a long season, and there is still a lot of racing left. Kevin Windham looked like he could bag another win, but a fall dashed his hopes of victory. And Ken Roczen proved he belongs, even at age 16, by finishing seventh.

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Supercross Results
1. Trey Canard HON
2. Ryan Dungey SUZ
3. Ryan Villopoto KAW
4. Davi Millsaps YAM
5. Andrew Short KTM
6. Chad Reed HON
7. Ken Roczen KTM
8. Brett Metcalfe SUZ
9. Ivan Tedesco KAW
10. Mike Alessi KTM
11. T Hahn YAM
12. N Wey YAM
13. J Brayton YAM
14. W Peick YAM
15. James Stewart YAM
16. Kyle Regal YAM
17. V Friese YAM
18. C Blose KAW
19. Kevin Windham HON
20. J Thomas SUZ
Supercross Points
Ryan Villopoto 132
James Stewart 123
Trey Canard 112
Chad Reed 105
Ryan Dungey 101
Andrew Short 80
Brett Metcalfe 80
Justin Brayton 65
Davi Millsaps 62
Kevin Windham 61
Ivan Tedesco 60
Kyle Chisholm 46
Nick Wey 44
Kyle Regal 43
Chris Blose 34
Mike Alessi 31
Weston Peick 22
Matt Boni 20
Thomas Hahn 17
Jason Thomas 15
250 Lites East Results
1. Justin Barcia HON
2. Dean Wilson KAW
3. Blake Baggett KAW
4. Ryan Sipes YAM
5. Ian Trettel SUZ
6. Blake Wharton HON
7. Jason Anderson SUZ
8. L Vincent HON
9. Matt Lemoine KAW
10. Alex Martin HON
11. C Gosselaar SUZ
12. S Rife HON
13. G Audette YAM
14. Malcolm Stewart SUZ
15. Nico Izzi HON
16. A Catanzaro HON
17. T Futrell HON
18. PJ Larsen KTM
19. L Kilbarger HON
20. D Durham HON
250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 25
Dean Wilson 22
Blake Baggett 20
Ryan Sipes 18
Ian Trettel 16
Blake Wharton 15
Jason Anderson 14
L Vincent 13
Matt Lemoine 12
Alex Martin 11
C Gosselaar 10
S Rife 9
G Audette 8
Malcolm Stewart 7
Nico Izzi 6
A Catanzaro 5
T Futrell 4
PJ Larsen 3
L Kilbarger 2
D Durham 1


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