The Honda World Motocross Team have confirmed Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev will form the rider line-up for the 2012 MX1 World Championship season.

In a press conference held at the Gran Prix of Great Britain, Honda Off-road Manager, Roger Harvey and Team Manager Lorenzo Resta announced that plans for the 2012 season will feature both current team riders.

Honda World Motocross Update: Rui Goncalves and Evgeny Bobryshev Confirmed for 2012 MX1 - Photo 1 of 1

Although Bobryshev is “missing from action” for the British MX GP event, his performances this season, which have included five podiums, two moto wins and one overall victory this season – speak for themselves. Gonçalves has been steadily improving throughout the season and has now begun to show his true potential with a string of podium moto results.

At the start of 2011, Honda announced a three-year plan to achieve success in the World Motocross Championship. With increased support from Japan and a more focused technical direction , this plan is very much on track and riders Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev both remain an integral part.

Roger Harvey, Honda Off-road Manager, Honda Motor Europe, “This is the natural continuation of our three-year plan. We are extremely happy with the performance of both riders this year and still feel like they have a lot to give. With increased support from Honda Japan for next season, we are positive that we are heading in a really strong direction.”

Lorenzo Resta, Team Manager, Honda World Motocross, “This season has been fantastic for us and there is a really positive feeling in the team working with both these riders. Also becoming the official Honda team in 2011 has been a great honour and we feel we have made big strides forward. We still feel like we have more strides to make but are confident that we are in the ideal position t o take these.”

Rui Gonçalves, Honda World Motocross, “I feel really proud to be involved with this project and really proud of what we have achieved so far as a team. Coming to Honda this season was a big step for me and I really feel as though things are starting to come together now. I am looking forward to the future.”

Evgeny Bobryshev, Honda World Motocross, “Honestly, coming to the official Honda team has changed my life. Right from the beginning when we were testing in Japan before the season, things felt really good and I felt really comfortable. It is from this point I have pushed on to have a great season and I am looking forward to racing with this team again next year for sure.”


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