Here I am again, running behind on my blog updates here on MXGirls at I think that whole concept of time flys when you are having fun applies to my life.

So Halloween is today and I really hope you are all gearing up for a very spooky night on the town! Last night I went out with the girls, as seen below, but tonight I will be escorting Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street and a Gedi Storm Trooper through the streets of Murietta, California.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 1 of 8

Left to Right: Paris Davis, Michele Johnson and Amanda Hippe

I wanted to share a couple picture highlights from the US Open in Vegas.. I was able to make it to the TWMX Awards show, it seems everyone in the mx industry was in attendence. The awards show was awesome, Rockstar kicked it into high gear with a hosted bar and the right vibe!

We started out in a limo bus from the MGM over to the Hardrock Hotel. This crew was definitely pumped on attending the awards show.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 2 of 8

Looking around our fancy limo bus, I noticed the Deft Family was representing; large and in charge. This crew is promoting and sharing the new product they are launching into the motorsports community, the Deft Gloves. Nate Adams having a lil interview session with Chris Kinman from TWMX and in true entourage style you can see the men of the Deft Family in full support.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 3 of 8

Since I am one of the biggest fans of womens motocross and this is MXGirls at, I highly suggest you visit the website, you will notice that one of our own MXGirls Tara Gieger is part of the family! Very cool. I took my 3 favorite things I found on the Deft Family website and made a collage [so girly of me], below you see Gieger, really cool gloves and super model Janelle McGuire showing off a cool thread for the ladies..

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 4 of 8

This blog would not be right if I was not able to locate a Professional MXGirl in Vegas to take a power picture pose with! So here I am with the one and only Kawasaki Monster WMA Professional Sara Price. Im sure everyone is aware that Sara rocked the 2009 WMX Outdoor Race season with a 4th place overall finish, not bad coming off the Amateur gate. Sara looked beautiful at the awards night, so I just had to snatch her up and take a picture with her.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 5 of 8

Im so bummed I didnt capture a picture of the awesome moment, but Im going to at least mention it. Vicki Golden took the 2009 WMA Rookie of the Year Award! Awesome accomplishment from a very talented rider! I am looking forward to watching her race in 2010. You can check out some more cool details on Vicki at

I ran into another very fun yet inspiring woman, Docy Andrews, President of Impact Video and creator of the Impact Xtremey Awards here in Southern California. Docy lives for the sport of motocross and offroad racing. She is a huge supporter of womens motocross and I just adore her. From left to right: Docy Andrews, Kasey Brancroft, Cherie Kobiske, myself and Docy’s best friend, shame on me for not remember her name!

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 6 of 8

Besides spending most the days checking out the action in the pits, watching the race, doing buisness and making sure the MGM pool was up to standards, I also made it a priority to visit the Sheckler Racing launch party, so we bounced on over to Club Blush for some festivities to launch Sheckler Racing into fortune 500 status!! Randy Sheckler hosted a premier party! Here is the only picture I could fine with Randy and I in it, I swear Im in there, my back is better than nothing!

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 7 of 8

and to end the night and this blog, here is the cool red carpet picture with the 10 Designs girls, my friends Kasey Bancroft, Jeff Bell and Blake Morlet.

Happy Halloween, US Open Vegas - Photo 8 of 8

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