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Photos by Steve Bruhn, Frank Hoppen, Kinney Jones, Bill Q

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The cream of the 250 class so far

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Start of a 250 race

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Fans got to see former World and National Champion Greg Albertyn race at Glen Helen

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Aussie Craig Anderson was a surprise winner in Southwick

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Anderson holds off Grant Langston in a corner

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Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Mike Brown is heading towards his second 125 championship

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Ricky Carmichael MDRE (most dominant rider ever)

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Ricky sets a record every time he wins a race

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John Dowd is from Mass, rides a KTM

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Tim Ferry is from Florida, rides for Yamaha

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Chad Reed, Ricky Carmichael, and Kevin Windham attempt to shower someone with champagne. Or put out a fire somewhere

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Ernesto Fonseca is originally from Costa Rica, rides for Honda

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Fans got the chance to see former National Champion Doug Henry race at Southwick

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Ryan Hughes is chasing the 125 championship for KTM after sitting out last year. And he’s riding with a broken leg.

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Branden Jesseman returned to racing at round six in Michigan. He rides for Suzuki, and is the 2003 125 East Supercross Champion

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Branden Jesseman

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Michael Byrne (Australia) leads Grant Langston (South Africa)

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Mike LaRocco has been racing Nationals since 1988

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Kyle Lewis

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Brett Metcalfe is riding for KTM in the 125 class

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Travis Pastrana rode the first round in San Bernardino. He stopped racing for the remainder of the year because of knee injury. Will he be back in 2004?

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Nate Ramsey

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Chad Reed has moved up to the 250 class this year, running third in points

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Stephane Roncada rides for Suzuki. He’s been in both the 250 and 125 classes

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Brock Sellards rides for the Yamaha of Troy team

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Andrew Short rides for the Motoworld Suzuki team

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This is Kelly Smith

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Eric Sorby rides for the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team

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This is James Stewart, Kawasaki’s 125 team rider. Defending 125 champion

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Stewart missed the first four rounds, but has won round 5 and 6

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Ivan Tedesco asks for directions to ‘that motocross race’

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This is Jason Thomas

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Former World Champ Seb Tortelli is in South Africa now, resting from his second knee surgery this year

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David Vuillemin is under there somewhere. He rides for Yamaha on a 450 four-stroke

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Larry Ward. Larry’s been racing the nationals since 1987

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Nick Wey rides for Mach I Yamaha

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Kevin Windham – a breath of fresh air. He’s returning to racing after a year off – second in the 250 points

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A few fans got to see former National Champion Rick Johnson ride Saturday practice at Hangtown. He was doing the helmet camera for TV

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