AMA / WMA Women’s National Motocross – Round 1 – Glen Helen

Moto 1 Results posted. Ashley Fiolek started off strong, stepping right back into the lead with a 1st place finish for Moto 1. From AM ranks to Rookie Pro Sara Price with a impressive 2nd place finish and seasoned racer Jessica Patterson taking the 3rd spot, showing the 2007 WMA Champion still has what it takes.

Here is the direct link to the COMPELTE results page with photos as well …

Round 1 Glen Helen 2009

Moto 1

Ashley Fiolek 1st

Sara Price 2nd

Jessica Patterson 3rd

I sent a text to my friend Dan McGranahan, owner of Icon 1 Agency, I asked him to tell me something cool about the women’s moto 1 pro race. His text back was three words “Ashley is Cool” .. .lol … go figure!! We all know that!!

I am soooo impressed to see Amateur now Pro Rookie Sara Price, gave the class a beating and took the 2nd place spot … Just insane!! The girl is driven, she trains hard and she is a force to be wreaken with .

I just saw Jessica Patterson at MotoBowl the other night, told her I was banking on her to stay on that podium and so far, so good! Taking the 3rd spot isnt to shabby! Ive always been a Patterson fan!

Vanessa Florentino was one of the top contenders for this race, she was flying during practice and for some reason she ended Moto 1 with a DNS. I will get the story on what happen .. We also have a DNS for Vanessa for Moto 2. I need to catch up with her and see what is going on! Stay posted!!

My “MOST STOKED” emotion goes to our own Southern California local Vicki Golden, this girl is our local speedy gonzolas! Vicki flys and looks good doing it! I know if Vicki had more product and $$ support she would be spending many weekends on the podium. She is extremely talented and such a fun girl !! Congrats Vicki !!!

Moto 2

Ashley Fiolek 1st

Jessica Patterson 2nd

Sherri Cruise 3rd

Looks like Ashley Fiolek took home the crown out at Glen Helen today! Definitely a crowd pleaser if you ask me! Ashley is loved by all and the hero of many. Looking forward to see her battle it out at Round 1 in Hangtown next weekend!

Jessica Patterson buckled down and pulled herself into the 2nd place spot, which is only means that next weekend its “game on” for Jessica and Ashley …

X-Games Silver Winner Sherri Cruise landed on the podium in the 3rd spot.

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