November 10, 2009, Las Vegas NV: Courtesy Joe Gibbs Racing & Toyota

The Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross/Toyota (JGRMX/Toyota) Concept Bike is a special one-of-a-kind project built specifically for the 2009 SEMA show. The JGRMX/Toyota motocross partnership, in conjunction with the Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota NASCAR group teamed up to make the special bike a reality. The group logged more than 100 man hours on the project, and received modifications and accessories provided by 17 contributors to create a truly unique machine. The JGRMX/Toyota Concept Bike illustrates how far customizing can be taken, when combining a creative style concept with the latest in MX hardware, and some dedicated and talented technicians.

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Gibbs Racing / Toyota Motocross Concept Bike - Photo 1 of 2

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