Sunday night, after the race, I went back to my hotel, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done!

After a couple hours sleep, and being in a rush to reach the airport in Amsterdam, my organized packing of my suitcases turned into ‘throw everything in as quickly as possible and see if I can close the bag!”

So, after a 1 1/5 drive to the Amsterdam airport, I returned my rental car and check in for my flight back to LAX.

I was a bit worried, going thru all the security and check-ins at the airport, but was a bit concerned about getting on my flight – we didn’t do any of the normal security testing where you take off your shoes, x-ray all your bags, etc. I made it all the way to my gate without going thru any of this.

Then, once they call your flight for boarding, the Dutch take it to a new level with security! They do the security checks, x-rays, etc right before you get o the plane! And, they take you to a podium to interview you about what you were doing in Holland. When I told the inspector I went to a motocross race, he was surprised!

The flights home were an experience all of their own. The first flight was 10 hours to Houston, TX and it went very smooth. It was a pretty empty flight so It was very quiet. I slept the majority of the time. Once I arrived in Houston I had to go through customs and get my bags and check them all over again. I thought to myself, Man this trip home is a breeze so far. Well it just so happened I spoke too soon. After boarding my next flight from Houston to LAX I very quickly learned that I would be sitting in front of two screaming kids that ended up kicking my seat for 3 hours, better yet, across the aisle was a screaming baby. It’s all part of the traveling experience!

I finally made it home and into my bed around midnight, after an hour and a half drive home from LAX.

I had a Blast in Holland and so much fun at the first GP. The Next GP, Spain!!


(I’m going to be covering the event for, so stay tuned!)


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