We talked with multi-time Supercross & Motocross champion Ricky Carmichael about the number four, and here’s what he had to say:

Ricky, is there any significance of the number 4 for you?

RC: Yes! It was the very first number I had. I ran it on my Tri Zinger!

Four toughest guys to pass?

RC: How about three guys? Chad Reed, James Stewart, Fonze (Ernesto Fonseca).

Four favorite tracks?

RC: Mt Morris PA, Millville MN, Red Bud MI, Steel City PA.

Four most memorable races?

RC: Winning my 1st 250 mx championship at Broome Tioga NY in 2000, my 1st 125 supercross in 1997, winning the San Diego supercross in 2001, and the 2005 MX des Nations in Ernee, France.

Four favorite songs?

RC: I don’t have 4 favorites. I have a lot more than that!

Four favorite guys to race against?

RC: Ernesto, MC, KDub, Lamson.

Four best crashes?

RC: There is no such thing as a best crash!

Four favorite golf courses?

RC: Kelly Plantation, Destin FL, Summerbrooke, Tallahassee FL, Golden Eagle, Tallahassee FL, Falcons Fire, Orlando FL.

Four favorite NASCAR drivers?

RC: Kasey Kahne, Clint Bowyer, Tony Stewart, Jimmy Johnson.

What would you like to do more of when you are not racing motorcycles full time?

RC: Hang out at home with my wife and dogs, go to the beach, take my boat out, and hunting. I’ll continue to help Team Suzuki with their race program, raise a family, eat ice cream and have fun!

Four riders to watch in the future?

RC: Ryan Dungey, Les Smith, Stroupe, Pretty much any of the top finishers at Loretta Lynn’s

Four people you looked up to as a youngster?

RC: Johnny O, Larry Ward, Ronnie Tichenor, and Damon Bradshaw.

What would your closest friends say about you?

RC: Generous, likes to have fun, genuine, would never let you down.

Use ‘four’ in a sentence

RC: Even my boat is named four! (smiles)

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