By Tom Porta

(This event was run on September 7)

250 World Motocross Champion Mickael Pichon and his Suzuki dominant in Bergamo.

Every year in Europe there are off-season international supercross races. Fans have the possibility to see the ‘Yankees in their element’.

Mike LaRocco, Nate Ramsey, Mike Brown, and Ernesto Fonseca held the Stars & Stripes banner, while Sebastien Tortelli, Mickael Pichon, Josh Coppins, and others fought for the ‘Motherland’.

The track was a no-mercy circuit with two whoop sections, two triples, along with a few doubles and tabletops.

The two heats and the main got the same result, Pichon destroyed the competition. While everyone did their best to hold the tail of the Frenchman, Mickael simply flew away each and every time.

In the second heat, Nate Ramsey did an endo over the big finish line double, while in the Main Mike Brown went off the course at high speed.

No one gave Pichon a real run for the glory, and some criticized the Americans for their lack of desire.

Fun Supercross Results:

Mickael Pichon – SUZ – 1 1 1

Ernesto Fonseca – HON – 2 2 3

Mike LaRocco – HON – 4 3 2

Sebastien Tortelli – HON – 3 6 4

Fun Supercross - Italy - Photo 1 of 4
Mickael Pichon

Fun Supercross - Italy - Photo 2 of 4
Ernesto Fonseca

Fun Supercross - Italy - Photo 3 of 4
Nate Ramsey

Fun Supercross - Italy - Photo 4 of 4
Sebastien Tortelli


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