Last year, the Honda dealer show was in Las Vegas NV. This year, Disneyland. Hmmmmm … last year … Olympic style chaos. This year … Goofy’s Kitchen and ‘The Happiest Place on Earth”. With my kids, meeting up with old friends, and hanging out with everyone at American Honda – sounds pretty cool to me!

We dropped off Taylor, my seven year old son, at Trinity Lutheran for 2nd grade. Checked in with Logan’s Pre School Teacher, let her know he would be out on a Ghostrider Mission, hooked up some Starbucks, put the RJ sponsored box van in overdrive and hit the 101 Freeway. My daughter Mallory is 2, and Logan is 4. We are headed to Disneyland for the 2008 Honda Dealer Convention themed Dream Team ’08.

We hit Santa Barbara and the phone rings, it’s Jon Capps. “I say the kids and I are going to the Honda Convention, it’s at Disneyland.” And Jon says “No way, Me, Ron, Mom, Lori, Shelley, and the kids are going to be there tomorrow too!”

Ron and Jon Capps just finished The NHRA Nationals in Indy. Ron Drives the Brute Racing Funny Car and Jon drives the new Vegas Fuel Funny Car. Cool, the kids can hang out, I can hear about the race, and order up some 2008 Honda’s.

We checked into the Disneyland Hotel, then jumped on the shuttle to the Anaheim Convention Center. We dropped Logan off at KiddiCorp and headed to the show. Mallory and I slipped in a little late after smiling big for security.

Mallory was enamored by the light show as American Honda’s Mr. Ray Blank introduced Ben Townley and Ivan Tedesco as the newest members of Honda’s supercross Race Team for 2008.

The new CRF’s and X’s come with steering stabilizers … they’re available now … the new CBR1000RR is like nothing else … the CRF230L Dualsport will be cool for your paper route, running to the store, or going to school. We finally saw the Side By Side and will be released Summer of 2008.

Honda reserved Disneyland exclusively for it’s dealers and had a showing of Fantasmic. It was cool. Logan and Mallory were completely mesmerized by the show. Then we hit up some rides, ate ice cream, and had a good time. The kids passed out and Joe and I packed them back to the hotel.

In the morning, we all met up at Goofy’s Kitchen for breakfast. The Mad Hatter is off the hook, Logan and Goofy had words. As we leave Disneyland, and say goodbye to Mickey Mouse, Logan whines, “Daaaad ….. why did we have to come to Disneyland?

What Logan? What do you mean?

Logan’s simple reply “I just wanted to ride my dirt bike”.

Yes, I understood. : )

Part of the official press release given to us by Honda:

American Honda Motor Company announced more additions to its 2008 motorcycle, ATV, scooter and personal watercraft (PWC) products at the company’s annual dealer convention in Anaheim, California.

“Our theme at this year’s show is Dream Team 2008 and Honda enthusiasts will be pleased to see the number of dreams we’ve brought to reality for 2008,” said Honda Press Manager Jon Row. “We have a number of new flagships in various segments. Our best-selling VTX1300 is now available as a turnkey touring model. We’re introducing an affordable, highly versatile, dual-sport bike, the CRF230L. The all-new TRX700XX introduces incredible power, comfort and handling to the high-performance ATV market. Two all new 1500cc four-stroke turbocharged AquaTrax with amazing power and handling will delight our PWC fans.”

“We are also especially pleased to early announce the 2009 Big Red, Honda’s first entry in the MUV (multi-use vehicle) side-by-side market. With the introduction of Big Red, it will soon be clear to our customers that Honda understands their needs better than any other manufacturer in the side by side market.”

American Honda’s powersports product line now encompasses 58 models,many of them all new or significantly redesigned.

CRF450R, CRF250R, CRF450X, CRF250X

Honda’s championship-winning, Unicam engine-equipped CRF-R motocrossers and CRF-X dirt bikes receive numerous upgrades for 2008.

Most notable is the addition of the lightweight HPSD (Honda Progressive Steering Damper) system to the CRF450R/X and CRF250R. Specifically designed for the rigors of motocross and off-road riding, HPSD improves handling and reduces rider fatigue. Races are won or lost in the corners. Thanks to the exclusive advantage of HPSD, all three models are now fitted with new 22mm-offset triple clamps to further enhance cornering ability. Both motocross models benefit from numerous power-enhancing improvements and receive a revised Showa front fork with new damper rods and stiffer springs, plus rear shock valving that matches changes to the forks. The CRF450X features a HPSD setup tuned specifically for off-road use. It and the 250X both have new narrow-design fuel tanks for improved ergonomics and Dunlop 742FA front tires for improved turning feel and traction. All four models are also equipped with works-type front and rear brake discs to reduce unsprung weight. Offered in Red, the CRF450R and CRF250R are also available in a special 2008 Black color, a limited color run of less than 500 units per model.

Courtesy Miller Honda, phone 805 238 0442,

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