From Los Angeles to The Czech Republic – X Games to World Motocross

Monday, I was resting up from X Games 14. Tuesday I packed my bags for my flights to Czecho. Wednesday morning I got up around 3am for the drive to the airport.

I made the flight from San Diego to New York. The pilot had commented before we landed in New York that there was ‘turbulent’ weather, and we might have to circle around New York until the weather was better.

Well, we circled. And circled. And circled. We circled for about three hours. Just enough time for me to miss my next flight from New York to Cologne (Koln) Germany!

I missed my flight. Now, I’m stuck in the airport, no where to go, no more flights going out. My only option was to wait almost 24 hours until the next day’s flight – at the airport.

Want to know anything about the Newark/New York airport? Just ask me! I know it pretty well now. Want to know where all the Starbucks are in the airport? I can tell you! Want to know where to get your money changed into Krona? I can tell you that too. Want to know where all the bathrooms are? I’m the person to ask!

So, next day at the scheduled time of 7pm, I board for my flight to Cologne. Great! I’m on my way! Only one day late! (I won’t mention how stressed out everyone was there in Europe – wondering when I was going to exactly arrive.)

So, we roll out onto the tarmac to take off. And the captain says “It’s going to be a while before we get to take off.” Hmmmmmmm ….. wonder what he means by ‘a while’????

After I had watched my first movie (2 hours) while we sat on the tarmac still waiting to take off, I realized that there was a real possibility that this flight could end up being cancelled just like yesterday’s. Nice.

But after I watched my second movie (another two hours), we finally took off. Only four hours behind! Yea!

After the 8 hour flight to Cologne, I got into my rental car, and drove to the circuit. That was fun too. If you like 5 hour drives that turn into 10 hour drives because of traffic, you should of been with me! And I learned a few things …. the traffic was caused by a lot of road construction, which is done primarily in the summer in Germany. And, for two weeks (August 1 – 15) everyone in ‘road construction’ is on holiday! Now I also know why at every road construction area I didn’t see anyone working.

From Los Angeles to The Czech Republic - Photo 1 of 2

But – I did (miraculously) make it to Loket! And I’m here to do my passion – reporting on the sport for my website, and worldwide TV. I love it!


From Los Angeles to The Czech Republic - Photo 2 of 2


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