French Grand Prix revisited in photos & video - Photo 1 of 31 St. Jean d’Angley, France

If you’ve ever dreamed about real, traditional World Championship Grand Prix motocross, there was no better evidence of it that this month at the French Grand Prix. It had all the elements that all of us moto-heads associate with the Grands Prix – the sights, the sounds, the flavor, the flair, great race action, international personalities, a scenic venue and race track, and much more!

To see the results and points standings from this event, you’ll want to click this link

To view Amanda’s Blog on her French experience, you can visit this link

And below, you’ll find a photo feature of the weekend, and, you’ll find three different videos from France. One video is some sights and sounds from the weekend, and the second video is a few slow-motion video clips from the race, and the third is with MX1 winner Seb Pourcel and MX2 winner Tommy Searle.

You’ll need the latest version of QuickTime to watch these movies. You can get it here at this link for free for Mac or PC –

Sights and sounds from the Grand Prix

Slow-motion video clips from the French Grand Prix

MX1 winner Seb Pourcel and MX2 winner Tommy Searle talk to Amanda about their victories

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