I had the pleasure to check out the Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle MX Tour in San Diego. And man, what an exciting show it is! From the great music, insane dancers and dancing, ongoing light shows, the supremely choreographed freestyle motocross … there is even fire! (You have to check out one of these shows to see it firsthand!)

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Everyone in the show was incredible, and after the show was over I had a few questions answered for me by Nate Adams and Mike Mason.

Nate Adams: I love Nuclear Cowboyz. A few of us were just talking … I do competitions all year long … and to be able to be involved with this show … it’s more like a theatrical show than anything else. It’s great.

Sometimes you’d be surprised how difficult some of it is, and it’s not just about riding. You have to be in exactly the right place at the right time. You have to be aware of the lighting and what’s happening around you. It’s more like being a ‘performer’ than competition for sure. It’s different from normal, and we all like it.

In competition, it’s not as friendly. Normally we might not talk to each other during the day, trying to keep our ‘runs’ a secret … here we just try to out-do each other : ) It’s a great, friendly atmosphere.

At the contests, everyone has their ‘race face’ on. Here, it’s much more ‘team’ oriented. We aren’t going for a gold medal or a trophy – we are trying to work together to put on a good show. Freestyle motocross is usually a one person sport, …. here we are a team.

Now, since you are Supercross.com, I want everyone to know – I did try to race at Anaheim 1! I didn’t make the main … but I’m going to try the Salt Lake City Supercross!

Mike Mason: Nuclear Cowboyz is amazing. Everyone rode well, the crowd liked it and us. It’s hard to compare ‘regular’ freestyle mx to this. It’s kinda’ like a half and half thing … it’s not a contest, so we don’t have to push ourselves the entire show. At the same time, we are jumping in the middle of a pack, so if you crash you could get run over (laughs) … so it is a bit more scary. It’s also a lot more fun though. It’s more fun for us, it’s more fun for the crowd .. there is a lot of stuff going on.

The music is pumping. It’s loud. We can hear the crowd, but we can really hear them when the music dies down a bit. The hardest thing when we started rehearsing for the show was riding and jumping in the dark sometimes.

It’s better than contests, and I think there is a lot more room to keep these shows growing.

Learn about how the show is put together, how it was originated, and the 2010 Nuclear Cowboyz calendar of events.


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