Nuclear Cowboyz – The Dawn of a New Freestyle

Thought you knew all you needed to know about anything relating to Freestyle MX? Think again!

We were invited to a press conference & the first dress rehearsal of the 2010 Nuclear Cowboyz Tour at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

The main principals were introduced to the assembled media. Speakers at the press conference included:

  • Ken Feld – CEO of Feld Entertainment
  • Barry Lather – Director and Choreographer
  • Micky Dymond – Rider Choreographer and Stunt Coordinator
  • Todd Jendro – Senior Director of Feld Entertainment Motor Sports
  • Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg – rider and leader of one ‘tribe’
  • Nate Adams – rider and leader of one ‘tribe’

Freestyle Motocross ... but so much more! - Photo 1 of 33

Mr. Feld spoke first. Although just over one year into his ‘motor sports’ career, he and Feld Entertainment know how to put on shows, with their properties such as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!

Mr. Feld said he felt that freestyle motocross had more potential. And that ‘more potential’ coincided with the Nuclear Cowboyz show concept: Performance art, pyrotechnics, music, telling of a story, lighting, and choreography. In essence, to create a new art form.

Todd Jendro, Senior Director of Operations, Feld Motor Sports and his staff conceived the idea of Nuclear Cowboyz. His team started by making a written script, something they actually have been preparing over the last few years and adding the scenic vision and elements within the show to make you feel like these riders are taking you on a journey through the story.

Todd, “I really wanted to change, to transform freestyle motocross in a big way. I asked myself “How can we change the inside of an arena into literally another world?” I developed the script’s first story line as a post apocalyptic world. You’ll discover there are two tribes in this post apocalyptic world. The two tribes (Soldiers of Havoc & Metal Mulisha) and their leaders battle for supremacy in this new world. Then, they discover, they actually need each other.”

We got to walk the arena floor before the show started. And the set and design is definitely post-apocalyptic. Burned out bridges, roads, buildings, and cars. Some notes about the show: There have been ten straight days of preparation just for this first dress rehearsal. The dancers are some of the best in the world, having gone thru ‘try-outs’ by the thousands. Director and Choreographer Mr. Lather has 25 years in choreography, dancing, theatrics, and lighting. He has worked with pop icons like Jay-Z, Rhianna, Michael Jackson, and more.

Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg, leader of one of the tribes said, “We’ve been putting in a lot of hard work. I first read the script, and didn’t fully understand … but then I came to the first rehearsal … and now I really began to understand!”

Nate Adams, leader of one of the tribes added, “It’s different. Very different. We compete all year long … but now we get to have fun, I get to ride with my friends. It’s still a bit competitive, and we want to ‘best’ each other, but it’s friendly now.”

Freestyle Motocross ... but so much more! - Photo 2 of 33

The show starts. You’d think there would be a lot of freestyle. But …. it’s a show! There is lighting, dancers, smoke, music … and it’s just the first few moments. The scene is set right from the start – it is a new world – post apocalypse.

The battle begins – good versus evil. It IS telling a story. And the battle continues. Two tribes going after this new world supremacy.

The conflict is building.

Now it’s a face off: one-on-one between the two tribal leaders. Then, the leaders go back to their tribes. Now, it is an all out brawl – bikes, riders, girls, (and a quad!) are in total chaos!

But wait! The two tribes unite to live in the post apocalyptic world. They unite as: Nuclear Cowboyz!

It really is quite a show, and tells a story. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s not freestyle motocross. It’s more! You’ll just have to check out the show nearest you!

For tickets and info visit:

Hats off to the riders in all this – they let it rip, and never missed a beat. Same for everyone else involved. It’s quite a production, and it takes a team to assemble all the components required to put this all together! Riders include: Geoff Aaron, Nate Adams, Jeremy Stenberg, Beau Bamburg, Matt Buyten, Ronnie Faisst, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Brian Foster, Derek Garland, Taka Higashino, Adam Jones, Mike Mason, Jimmie McGuire, Jim McNeil, Dustin Miller, Todd Potter, Wes Agee, and Derek Guetter.

Freestyle Motocross ... but so much more! - Photo 3 of 33

The 2010 Nuclear Cowboyz Tour schedule:

January 2 – Pittsburg, PA – Mellon Arena

January 8,9 – Richmond, VA – Richmond Coliseum

January 16, 17 – Boston, MA – TD Garden

January 23 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center

January 30 – Houston, TX – Reliant Stadium

February 6 – Indianapolis, IN – Lucas Oil Stadium

February 13 – Atlanta, GA – Georgia Dome

February 19, 20 – Tampa, FL – St. Pete Forum

February 26, 27 – East Rutherford, NJ – IZOD Center

March 6, 7 – Birmingham, AL – Birmingham J. Conv. Complex

March 12, 13 – San Diego, CA – San Diego Sports Arena

March 20, 21 – Tacoma, WA – Tacoma Dome

March 26, 27 – Anaheim, CA – Honda Center

April 2, 3 – Ontario, CA – Citizens Bank Arena

April 17, 18 – Rosemont, IL – Allstate Arena

As Ken Feld said, “This will be global. You don’t need to speak a specific language to understand this!

Pictures help tell the story. Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger image. Photos by Gerald Geronimo

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