The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series resumes this week with Round 10 being held at sandy Southwick. Here is a look at five things you can look for when the gates drop on Saturday’s MX races!

  1. John Dowd, AKA The Junk Yard Dog

    Dowdy will be making his 21st appearance at Southwick. He has only missed two races there since turning pro, 1991 & 2004. His first podium at the sand track was in 1989. The 45 year old native of Massachusetts is well known for is ability to ride in the sand, and always give his Northeastern fans a great show and a great attitude.
  2. Another hot battle in the 250 class, featuring Christophe Pourcel and Trey Canard

    The points gap for the 250 championship is only 16 points, after Christophe Pourcel crashed out of the first moto at Unadilla two weeks ago. Trey Canard continues to ride extremely well and will be looking for his fifth overall win in a row. Pourcel tracked him down in the 2nd moto at Unadilla and was able to make the pass for the moto win. The battle between these two very talented riders should be a lot of fun to watch!
  3. A bunch of motivated riders. Who’s going to ride what and where next year?

    With the season drawing to a close and a good many guys looking for a ride next year, there will be some intense racing these last three weeks. There are a lot of names still floating around out there: Josh Grant, Davi Millsaps (although not racing due to injury), Nick Wey, Kyle Regal, Kyle Chisolm, Andrew Short, Tommy Hahn just to name a few.
  4. The continued development of Blake Wharton

    Wharton has shown flashes of brilliance throughout the 2010 season. Rumor has it he’s at least considering to race in the MX GP’s next year. At Unadilla, he rode extremely well in both motos, taking 2nd in moto 1. Wharton got caught up in a first turn pile up in the second moto and, despite being nearly dead last, worked his way all the way up to 9th, and 5th overall.
  5. Ryan Dungey puts his stamp on AMA Professional Supercross and Motocross for 2010

    Ryan Dungey can wrap up the 2010 AMA 450 MX Championship. And he’s already won the AMA / FIM Supercross Championship for 2010.

    All Dungey has to do Saturday is score 40 points or more, and he will seal the deal, becoming the first rookie ever to win both the premiere Supercross and Motocross titles. And he’d clinch with two rounds to go!

    Ryan has won the overall at every race of this 450 MX season, except the opening round at Hangtown. It seems likely that the Team Suzuki phenom will put an end to who will own the 2010 AMA Pro 450 Motocross Championship title!

Five Things to Look for at the Southwick AMA National Motocross - Photo 1 of 1

Canard and Pourcel are battling for the 250 Championship. Who will come out on top?


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