The 12th and final round of the 2010 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship is being held at a first-time venue: Pala Raceway. Pala is a new motocross facility and will be the first time a raceway in San Diego County will host a major motocross event in almost 25 years. The last one – The legendary Carlsbad Raceway, where Rick Johnson swept both motos of the US Grand Prix in 1986. Here are five things to look for at the 2010 season finale:

  1. A 250 Class Champion

    The championship race in the 250 class has been nothing if not thrilling. Watching Geico PowerSports Honda’s Trey Canard make a tremendous second half run (5 overall wins in the last 6 races) on Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Christophe Pourcel will be remembered by motocross fans for a long time to come. And how fitting is it that the championship will be decided at the last race, possibly the last moto? Pourcel’s lead is a mere 7 points, but runner-up finishes in both motos will seal the Frenchman’s championship, regardless of what the determined Canard does Saturday.
  2. A Pumped Up Crowd

    It has been a long time since the fans near the motocross talent hotbeds of Murrieta and Temecula have hosted a major motocross event. The crowd will be super excited to see their favorite riders battle it out right in front of them – especially in the 250 class.
  3. Metcalfe Gets His First Overall Win

    After the bitter disappointment at Southwick and the exciting battle with 17-year veteran Kevin Windham at Steel City, Brett Metcalfe is ready to claim his first overall victory. Despite not having even a moto win, the Australian passed Andrew Short for second place in the championship standings. If he can hold on to that spot Saturday it will be a 1-2 sweep by rookies behind 2010 champion Ryan Dungey.
  4. A Bittersweet Symphony Played Around the World

    The AMA Pro Motocross season ends Saturday. As fans, we want to see the champion crowned. But at the same time we desperately wish that this were not the last race. The Supercross season is nearly four months away. Luckily, KTM looks to be working on giving our desolate off-season a much-needed boost. Roger De Coster may have only been the first move.
  5. Chisholm, Regal, and Sipes

    These three guys are the top privateers in motocross. All three have shown the ability to be very competitive in the premier class. All three have a lot on the line this weekend with so many teams having bikes that need a rider. Ryan Sipes hung it all out last weekend at Steel City, put down the fastest lap time and came up empty after a crash while racing his tail off. Regal has run up front at various times throughout the year, but has not been consistent. Chisholm has also shown flashes of brilliance matched by bouts of inconsistency. Chisholm and Sipes are in the top ten in points – 7th and 8th, respectively – and Regal is not far behind in 11th. Look for all three of these guys to keep it pinned for 35 minutes.

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