First round of the FIM Women's World Championship in Bulgaria - Photo 1 of 4

Hi Everyone,

I had an exciting first round of the FIM Women’s World Championship in Bulgaria this past weekend. The weather was perfect and the track was in excellent condition. The sun was shining high as the spectators flooded the track for a weekend of racing. Some of the best racing took place this weekend for both the men and the women.

Unfortunately, I had some bad luck a few days prior to the GP in Bulgaria and broke my right hand and smashed my left leg ending up with a large hematoma and was unable to race the first round of the WMX championship. I spend countless hours under a bone stimulator in hopes to race and receive some points. I thought I would be able to race with a special brace along with some injections to numb the pain. I was able to do the first free practice and timed practice. We had five hours between our timed practice and our first moto, which was just enough time for my hand to become completely stiff. I headed over to the FIM doctor and he told me it was going to be a close call. My heart was telling me yes, but my hand was telling me no, so it was hard for me not to try and start the first moto. I was able to get another injection right before the first race, but the pain was to severe, as I could not hang on though the demanding race conditions.

First round of the FIM Women's World Championship in Bulgaria - Photo 2 of 4

Stefy Bau and the TV crew approached me asking if I wanted to wear the helmet cam during the first and second moto. I was excited but didn’t know how or if I was going to be able to perform. I had a decent start first moto, at the 15 min mark I decided that it was not safe to continue. I pulled off and my sponsors told me I made the right decision to call it a weekend. I was heart broken to come all the way from San Diego to Bulgaria and not be able to race. Injuries happen to the best of us, the sport is a vicious sport when it comes to getting hurt, but the good thing is the human bodies have the ability to heal. I am hoping to be back on the bike in 4 weeks.

Well, lets talk about how good the racing was on Sunday, considering, I was watching from the side lines. The second moto was action packed as it was the first race that took off Sunday afternoon. The weather conditions were the same as Saturday and the track conditions were rough. In Europe they do not groom the tracks between Saturday and Sunday moto’s like they do in America, so the track was nice and challenging making for some good racing during the Sunday moto’s.

Fiolek was able to grab the holeshot for the second time followed my Lancelot, Laier, and Nathalie Kane. Lancelot was able to pull away from the rest of the field rather quickly as she took all outside lines and kept her momentum. Fiolek and Lair battled it out in the early laps. Kane and Fiolek where going at it most of the race before Kane crashed hard, but was able to regain her composure and charge back to ninth. Elin Mann, Veenstra, and Papenmeier battled it out till the checkered flag.

First round of the FIM Women's World Championship in Bulgaria - Photo 3 of 4

I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next adrenaline rush to go through my body. The top ten girls are all seconds apart allowing for an action packed race. One mistake from any of the girls would allow them to be passed by who ever they were battling with. I am proud to say I race with the European girls because the level of competition is high and they raise the bar for women’s motocross.

Stefy Bau is doing a fantastic job managing for the sport of women’s motocross in Europe. She treats everybody equally and gives back any and every way she can. With her persistence and perseverance she was able to get the second moto aired live on national television. All the girls where able to do interviews and interact with the general public along with the factory teams. I think she is an asset to the sport and I believe the sport of women’s motocross is on it’s way to the top.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the first round of th e FIM Women’s World Championship in Bulgaria. I will have more news for you after the second round in Portugal.

Aubriana Dunn (120)

First round of the FIM Women's World Championship in Bulgaria - Photo 4 of 4

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