FIM Women’s World Cup Results, Uddevalla Sweden, July 3

  • Stephanie Laier – 1/1
  • Katherine Prumm – 2/2
  • Livia Lancelot – 3/3
  • Marie Karlsson – 4/5
  • Elin Man – 11/4
  • Sandra Adriansson – 7/6
  • Anine Sanner Akre – 6/7
  • Alexandra Haupt – 5/8
  • Birgit Lemp – 8/9
  • Sandra Axell – 10/10


The tenth round of the 2005 FIM Motocross World Championship will be different than the other GP’s, as a support race will be organised in Uddevalla on the 3rd of July during the Grand Prix of Sweden.

For the first time in the history of Motocross in Europe, a Women’s race will take place on the same day and same track as the MX1-MX2 Grand Prix. “It will be the first ever FIM Women’s World Cup, and we will run it in the context of the MX1-MX2 World Championship,” explained FIM Motocross President Wolfgang Srb. “There is a girls activity in Motocross in several countries, there’s a market and we thought it would be a good opportunity to see how this market reacts. We hope to have many girls coming from all over the world. I was in touch recently with the New Zealand federation and they want to send a rider. The FIM made a press release and contacted all the federations. We hope it will be successful and we are grateful to the Swedish organizer, as it’s an additional work for them. Thanks to Uddevalla for running this event,” added Dr Srb.

In Sugo there was already a women’s race prior to the Japanese Grand Prix, but the format of the race was different, with only one heat for 85cc bikes. The racing was good, and Japanese rider Sochiko Oki (KTM) beat American Jacqueline Ross (Honda), and Japanese rider Saya Suzuki (Suzuki).

Alongside the FIM, Youtshtream president Giuseppe Luongo is delighted with this Women’s World Cup. “This race is a part of our plan to expand Motocross as much as possible; we want to bring Motocross to a very high level, but we also want to take care about amateurs, women and veterans. The women are the first stage, and together with the FIM we will create the Women’s World Cup and work seriously to have an amateur and a veteran World Cup. We would like to have once a year all these events in one unique location, in Europe or outside Europe as one of our goals is to approach new people and bring to the fans the veterans, including some famous names that made the history of our sport,” explained Giuseppe.

Here is more information about the race:

– The motorcycles will be the ones used in the MX2 class (from 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke and from 175cc to 250cc 4-stroke).

– Up to 40 riders can be entered for this event (minimum age: 15 years). There will be one free practice session (Saturday 9.00 a.m), and one qualifying practice session (Saturday 1.30 p.m) which will designate the 30 riders + 2 reserves for the event.

– The competition will be held with two races of 20 minutes + 2 laps each (Sunday at 10.30 and 5 p.m). The point system is the same applied in the Motocross World Championships.

– A licence FIM Women World Cup is necessary to enter the event. Each national federation is able to provide this licence.

Courtesy FIM & Youthstream

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