Max Nagl sweeps MX1 Motocross Grand Prix! Marvin Musquin sweeps in MX2 Grand Prix!

MX1 Results
1. Max Nagl 1/1 KTM
2. D Philippaerts 2/4 YAM
3. A Cairoli 7/2 YAM
4. Tanel Leok 8/3 YAM
5. Clem Desalle 4/6 HON
6. Josh Coppins 6/7 YAM
7. Mickael Pichon 5/9 HON
8. Aigar Leok TM
9. Manuel Priem APR
10. K d Dycker 3/dnf SUZ
11. B Mackenzie HON
12. Tom Church CCM
13. Julien Bill APR
14. D Vuillemin KAW
15. G Swanepoel KAW
MX1 Points

Antonio Cairoli 291
D Philippaerts 261
Max Nagl 248
Josh Coppins 238
Clem Desalle 237
K de Dycker 228
Tanel Leok 223
J Barragan 215
G Swanepoel 120
A Leok 118
D Vuillemin 117
B Mackenzie 103
Steve Ramon 100
K Strijbos 82
G Aranda 80
MX2 Results
1. Marvin Musquin 1/1 KTM
2. A Boissiere 2/7
3. L Larrieu 4/5 YAM
4. Gautier Paulin 8/4 KAW
5. Ken Roczen 14/2 SUZ
6. Davide Guarneri YAM
7. S Frossard KAW
8. V Teillet KTM
9. Nic Aubin
10. Joel Roelants
11. R Goncalves KTM
12. M Monni
13. L Rombaut KAW
14. A Tonus KTM
15. E Bobryshev YAM
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 284
Gautier Paulin 250
Davide Guarneri 235
R Goncalves 222
S Frossard 205
X Boog 177
Nic Aubin 161
M Monni 134
J v Horebeek 128
Ken Roczen 120
L Larrieu 115
A Tonus 108
Joel Roelants 103
A Boissiere 100
Zach Osborne 100

Ernee – Raymond Deny Circuit

The country of France is known for it’s big motocross following. The crowd, as always in France, was massive.

In the MX1 Grand Prix, it was Max Nagl riding for KTM back to form, winning both motos today. And in MX2, it was series points leader Marvin Musquin sweeping both motos and extending his points lead.

Back to MX1, Antonio Cairoli is still the points leader – he finished third overall today. And World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts finished second overall today, and is in second position in the points chase behind Cairoli. Former World Motocross Champion and ‘hometown’ rider Mickael Pichon raced again for Honda, finishing seventh overall.

Photos courtesy Youthstream. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image of: MX1 Podium with Max Nagl on top, David Philippaerts second, Antonio Cairoli third, MX1 start lap, the MX2 Podium with Marvin Musquin on top, MX2 first lap action, A Boissiere thru corner, number 222 is Antonio Cairoli, number 25 on Honda is Clem Desalle, the entrance to the Ernee circuit, Steve Frossard on his Kawasaki, Marvin Musquin #25 (twice), Max Nagl #5 (twice) on his way to both moto wins, World Motocross Champion from Italy David Philippaerts, and Ken Roczen on Suzuki.

Video News Highlights of the Motocross Grand Prix of France, courtesy Youthstream

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