World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts returns to top of the Grand Prix podium by winning the British Motocross Grand Prix in MX1! Marvin Musquin takes victory in MX2 Grand Prix!

MX1 Results
1. D Philippaerts 1/2 YAM
2. Max Nagl 4/1 KTM
3. Clem Desalle 2/3 HON
4. Josh Coppins 5/4 YAM
5. Tanel Leok 8/6 YAM
6. Mickael Pichon 7/7 HON
7. K de Dycker 6/11 SUZ
8. A Cairoli 10/8 YAM
9. G Aranda KAW
10. J Barragan 3/dnf KTM
11. Carl Nunn SUZ
12. B Anderson HON
13. B Mackenzie HON
14. G Swanepoel KAW
15. C Campano YAM
MX1 Points
Antonio Cairoli 255
D Philippaerts 221
J Barragan 215
Josh Coppins 209
K de Dycker 208
Clem Desalle 204
Max Nagl 198
Tanel Leok 190
G Swanepoel 106
D Vuillemin 101
Steve Ramon 100
A Leok 93
B Mackenzie 84
K Strijbos 82
G Aranda 74
MX2 Results
1. Marvin Musquin 1/1 KTM
2. Steven Frossard 2/3 KAW
3. Gautier Paulin 3/4 KAW
4. R Goncalves 7/2 KTM
5. J v Horebeek 8/5 KTM
6. D Guarneri 4/10 YAM
7. M Monni 5/9 YAM
8. X Boog 10/7 SUZ
9. K Roczen SUZ
10. A Boissiere KTM
11. S Sword KTM
12. J Roelants KTM
13. D Verbruggen HON
14. L Larrieu YAM
15. J Nicholls KTM
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 234
Gautier Paulin 219
Davide Guarneri 208
R Goncalves 202
S Frossard 178
X Boog 166
Nic Aubin 136
J v Horebeek 118
M Monni 115
Zach Osborne 100
S Simpson 97
Ken Roczen 92
A Tonus 92
M Schiffer 89
S Sword 84

Mallory Park

Saturday’s MX1 qualifying moto saw David Philippaerts, the current MX1 World Motocross Champion, winning the qualifier. And former World Motocross Champion Mickael Pichon, out of retirement, finishes second in the qualifier. MX1 points leader Antonio Cairoli had a fall, and it wasn’t even sure he’d be able to race today. He did, getting eighth overall, and still maintains his points lead.

In the Grand Prix today, it seems as if World Motocross Champion Champion David Philippaerts has regained his championship winning form of last season.

In MX2, it was all Marvin Musquin, as he won both motos on his KTM, and extends his championship points lead.

Images courtesy Youthstream, click on thumbnail to view larger image of: MX1 Grand Prix winner David Philippaerts, Antonio Cairoli, Josh Coppins twice, Clem Desalle on his Honda, Steve Frossard, D Guarneri, MX2 points leader Marvin Musquin KTM #25, Marvin atop the podium for MX2, David Philippaerts atop the podium for MX1, Max Nagl airborne, Guatier Paulin, David Philippaerts #19, and two photos of former World Motocross Champion Mickael Pichon.

Video News Highlights of the Motocross Grand Prix of England, courtesy Youthstream

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