Antonio Cairoli wins Portugal Motocross Grand Prix and extends his MX1 points lead! ‘Hometown’ Rui Goncalves wins in MX2!

MX1 Results
1. Antonio Cairoli 1/1 YAM
2. K de Dycker 2/2 SUZ
3. Clem Desalle 3/3 HON
4. Josh Coppins 7/4 YAM
5. Max Nagl 4/7 KTM
6. Tanel Leok YAM
7. D Vuillemin KAW
8. G Swanepoel KAW
9. G Aranda KAW
10. J Barragan KTM
11. A Leok TM
12. M Priem APR
13. D Philippaerts YAM
14. F Izoird SUZ
15. L Correira YAM
MX1 Point Standings

Antonio Cairoli 193
K de Dycker 168
J Barragan 152
Josh Coppins 144
Tanel Leok 142
D Philippaerts 134
Clem Desalle 126
Max Nagl 119
Steve Ramon 100
K Strijbos 82
D Vuillemin 73
A Leok 67
G Swanepoel 67
M de Reuver 45
B Mackenzie 42
MX2 Results
1. Rui Goncalves 2/1 KTM
2. S Frossard 3/2 KAW
3. M Musquin 1/6 HON
4. D Guarneri 5/3 YAM
5. L Larrieu 6/5 YAM
6. G Paulin KAW
7. K Roczen SUZ
8. A Tonus KTM
9. A Lupino YAM
10. E Bobryshev YAM
11. M Monni YAM
12. X Boog SUZ
13. S Sword KTM
14. Nic Aubin YAM
15. J Roelants KTM
MX2 Point Standings

Gautier Paulin 171
Marvin Musquin 165
Davide Guarneri 147
R Goncalves 125
X Boog 108
S Frossard 105
Zach Osborne 100
Nic Aubin 98
S Simpson 97
A Tonus 72
L Larrieu 70
M Monni 67
M Schiffer 66
J Roelants 61
A Lupino 56

Agueda circuit

Antonio Cairoli won the Portuguese Grand Prix today, smoking his compeition, winning both motos! With it, he also extends his points lead in the Motocross World Championships!

Second overall, with finishes of 2/2, was Belgian Suzuki rider Ken de Dycker. Current MX1 World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts had an off day, going 5/DNF, with a crash in the second moto.

In MX2, ‘hometown’ rider Rui Goncalves, even after crashing in yesterday’s practice, came back to win him home Grand Prix. He went 2/1 in the two heats. Second overall went to Steven Frossard. Gautier Paulin is still in the points lead for the championship.

Images and video below…

Rui Goncalves interview


This interview was done before the Portuguese Grand Prix

MX2 Motocross Grand Prix racer Rui Goncalves is without question a fighter. Having started the season with a trailer full of problems. Having put together 0-11-6-0-13 results prior to the Grand Prix of Benelux, it would have been easy to assume that the Portugese rider might struggle against the all-mighty French. Sand though is a great leveler and Goncalves has probably done as many miles around Belgian sand circuits as anyone, thus the great equalizer was pointing in the right direction for the Red Bull KTM rider.

His 2-1 result in Valkenswaard, Holland at the last GP proved that he is back with a bang and will now look at picking up even more points on his rivals at his home Grand Prix in Agueda, Portugal this weekend.

We sat down with the like-able Goncalves and here is what he said.

Q: Did you break a mirror or something before the season started, you’ve only had bad luck.

Goncalves: I can’t believe the luck I have had (before Valkenswaard), I can’t think about what happened before Valkenswaard, it just makes me sick if I do. Obviously KTM is considered the top team in MX2, but so many of the KTM riders – I mean I don’t even like saying the word – but pretty much we have all had bad luck. I don’t know, I just hoped that things would swing around. I tried to keep my mood up and relax and be cool with it. Things have not been turning my way, at least before Valkenswaard.

Q: Tell us about how your season has been to date?

Goncalves: As you know Faenza Italy for the first Grand Prix was a big swimming pool. It was tough riding out there and one lap I got stuck on one of the hills and I couldn’t make it. I tried a couple of times and it just didn’t happen. We all ended up there with just one moto, so that made the damage a little less. In Bulgaria it was tough, I mean I had no rear brake in both motos. Coming down those big downhills it was a bit sketchy. I finished both motos and tried to make the best of it.

Going to Turkey I was planning on changing it around until I was fourth in the qualification race on Saturday and the engine just seized and I went over the bars. Big crash, and a big concussion, same as what I had in Faenza on the Saturday after my qualification crash (Goncalves crashed in the first corner in Faenza).

I gated 36th on Sunday and it is difficult to get a good start in that position. I had a bad start and was pushed wide and off the track in the first moto. I got hooked up in the green mesh fencing and obviously with the public pulling the green fence away it undid the clip on my rear brake, so I had no rear brake. Second moto I was off pace, I hadn’t ridden hardly any laps on that circuit due to the problems I had had, I was just slow there.

Q: Did you start to doubt yourself, or your bike?

Goncalves: There wasn’t much KTM could do about the problems, … we had things that have never happened before and things that were only happening on my bike. But winning in Valkenswaard is the reward for the team, my mechanic and all my friends and family. After Saturday being 24th, I had to put my head down and fight for the points. I rode my own race, … in the first moto I was close to Shaun, but I crashed on the last lap. The second moto I just knew that I was strong and I managed to follow Shaun and Nicolas and I passed them and pulled away and won easily.

Q: MX2 points leader Gautier Paulin has ridden well. Are you worried about the points difference between yourself and him?

Goncalves: I was 77 pts down on Paulin before Valkenswaard, but the championship isn’t decided until the leader in the points has more than 50 points going into the last GP, or more than 25 pts going into the last moto of the series, so it isn’t over by a long shot. I won’t give up, I will be the last man standing.

Q: What is it about the sand, obviously living in Belgium helps you. How did it feel in Valkenswaard?

Goncalves: There is no secret about racing in the sand, anyone can come to Belgium and ride the sand and get it down. I feel confident on it, and in Holland I was just stronger. This is one of the tracks you want to come to if you are in trouble, at least I do. It is really a tough circuit and you have to work hard, and I like that. I really enjoy it, and it is also nice to win the GP before my home GP.

Q: I am not sure I have seen this circuit looking so good. Some really beautiful sections and the racing was first class. What did you think, which parts did you enjoy?

Goncalves: The circuit was really nice. It was rough, but technical, a lot of nice jumps and you had to be thinking all the time in some of the technical sections. I enjoyed it, and the weather helped us, it was fun. I liked the whole circuit, pretty much everything was good. In the second race the lines were great, and you could push anywhere you wanted to. I wasn’t fighting the bike at all, and that felt really good.

Images courtesy Youthstream, Suzuki: The MX1 Podium, MX1 Motocross Grand Prix winner Antonio Caroili, Josh Coppins #6, MX1 Pole Position winner Ken de Dycker, #25 Clem Desalle making a great performance for Honda in the MX1 Steve Frossard, Grand Prix, MX2 ‘hometown’ rider Rui Goncalves, podium of the MX2 Grand Prix, points leader Gautier Paulin, #25 Marvin Musquin.

Video News Highlights of the Motocross Grand Prix of Portugal Courtesy Youthstream

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