Italian Antonio Cairoli and American Zach Osborne takes home MX1 & MX2 Grand Prix Motocross wins! Cairoli moves into MX1 points lead with double moto sweep!

MX1 Results
1. Antonio Cairoli 1/1 YAM
2. Steve Ramon 2/3 SUZ
3. D Philippaerts 4/2 YAM
4. K de Dycker 5/4 SUZ
5. Kevin Strijbos 3/7 HON
6. Jon Barragan KTM
7. Josh Coppins YAM
8. Clem Desalle
9. Max Nagl KTM
10. Tanel Leok YAM
11. D Vuillemin KAW
12. G Swanepoel
13. J Bill
14. Seb Pourcel KAW
15. Greg Aranda
MX1 Point standings

Antonio Cairoli 98
Ken de Dycker 94
D Philippaerts 88
Josh Coppins 85
Jon Barragan 83
Steve Ramon 78
Tanel Leok 73
Max Nagl 73
Clem Desalle 61
K Strijbos 50
D Vuillemin 40
G Swanepoel 34
A Leok 32
J Noble 27
Seb Pourcel 26
MX2 Results
1. Zach Osborne 3/1 YAM
2. Gautier Paulin 1/7 KAW
3. Marvin Musquin 5/2 HON
4. K Vongsana 2/12 HON
5. Manuel Monni 4/9 YAM
6. Stephen Sword KTM
7. D Guarneri YAM
8. Xavier Boog SUZ
9. S Frossard KAW
10. Marcus Schiffer KTM
11. E Bobryshev YAM
12. Matiss Karro SUZ
13. Shaun Simpson KTM
14. Pascal Leuret HON
15. V Teillet KTM
MX2 Point standings

Gautier Paulin 108
Marvin Musquin 103
Davide Guarneri 78
X Boog 73
Zach Osborne 68
S Frossard 53
S Simpson 52
Nic Aubin 47
K Vongsana 42
M Schiffer 42
V Teillet 37
M Monni 36
S Sword 32
R Goncalves 31
Roelants, Lupino, Tonus 30

Hezarfen circuit, Istanbul

Antonio Cairoli, riding for the Red Bull Yamaha team, swept both motos of the first ever Turkish Grand Prix of Motocross, and with the double moto victory, the likeable and friendly Italian moved into the points lead for the 2009 World Motocross Championship!

American Zach Osborne won his first ever MX2 Motocross Grand Prix today with finishes of 3/1. MX2 Series points leader Gautier Paulin finished second overall with finishes of 1/7.

The 2009 MX2 World Motocross Series points leader Gautier Paulin said after the Turkish Grand Prix: I was really happy about the first race and taking the win for the first time in Turkey. A bad start in the second race left me with a lot of work to do on a track that is not so easy to pass on. I was expecting to win the overall today, but I still leave here with the red plate and now we move to the sand in Valkenswaard where it will be a very different ball game. I’ll spend a lot of time practicing in the sand for the next two weeks and am looking forward to the next GP.

Images: photos are of Antonio Cairoli 222 winning the MX1 Qualifying heat, Antonio Cairolli winning the Turkish Grand Prix of Motocross, Zach Osborne 338 winning the MX2 Qualifying Heat, Zach Osborne on the podium, MX2 Motocross Series points leader Gautier Paulin, and Teka Suzuki team-mate Steve Ramon and Ken de Dycker battling side by side on the new Istanbul, Turkey Grand Prix Motocross circuit.

Courtesy Youthstream, Synergy, CDS, Suzuki

Video News Highlights of the Turkish Motocross Grand Prix Courtesy Youthstream

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