Josh Coppins scores Motocross MX1 Grand Prix Victory! Musquin takes overall victory in MX2!

MX1 Results
1. Josh Coppins 2/2 YAM
2. J Barragan 4/1 KTM
3. Ken de Dycker 1/8 SUZ
4. D Philippaerts 5/3 YAM
5. Max Nagl 3/5 KTM
6. Tony Cairoli 7/4 YAM
7. Tanel Leok 6/6 YAM
8. Steve Ramon 7/8 SUZ
9. D Vuillemin 11/11 KAW
10. Clem Desalle HON
11. Seb Pourcel KAW
12. James Noble SUZ
13. M Priem APR
14. B Mackenzie HON
15. K Strijbos HON
MX1 Point Standings

Ken de Dycker 60
Josh Coppins 59
Tanel Leok 55
J Barragan 54
Max Nagl 50
D Philippaerts 48
T Cairoli 48
Clem Desalle 37
Steve Ramon 36
A Leok 23
D Vuillemin 22
G Swanepoel 19
J Noble 18
K Strijbos 15
Marc de Reuver 16
MX2 Results
1. M Musquin 1/3 HON
2. Gautier Paulin 2/2 KAW
3. Xavier Boog SUZ
4. Nic Aubin YAM
5. D Guarneri YAM
6. Shaun Simpson KTM
7. S Frossard KAW
8. Arnaud Tonus KTM
9. R Goncalves KTM
10. Zach Osborne YAM
11. M Schiffer KTM
12. J Roelants KTM
13. A Lupino YAM
14. Wyatt Avis HON
15. V Teillet KTM
MX2 Point Standings
Gautier Paulin 69
Marvin Musquin 65
Davide Guarneri 50
Nic Aubin 50
X Boog 45
Shaun Simpson 37
S Frossard 33
J Roelants 30
A Lupino 28
Arnaud Tonus 25
R Goncalves 24
M Schiffer 24
Z Osborne 24
V Teillet 23
J van Horebeek 22


The World Championship Motocross Series has definitely changed for the better, with great racing action starting on Saturday’s now: the first moto of the Women’s World Motocross Championships, and the Qualifying heats for MX1 and MX2.

(To view the Womens results, visit this link)

Great weather at the circuit Gorna Rositza in Bulgaria as Ken de Dycker, Marvin Musquin, and Stephanie Laier win the three main motos of Saturday.

In Motocross MX1, a familair face returned to the top of the podium – Mr. Josh Coppins, riding the Monster Yamaha YZ 450. The likeable Kiwi won his first GP in some time by finishing second in both motos.

The MX1 Series has a new points leader – Mr. Ken de Dycker of the Teka Suzuki team. Ken won the first moto today, followed that up with an eighth in the second moto, but it’s good enough to lead the points after two rounds.

Overall MX1 winner Josh Coppins: “This weekend it came together for me” explained the delighted Kiwi. “I have been training really hard and my fitness is good – this has given me the confidence to ride hard. I was not the fastest rider out there today, but my starts were great and I rode very smooth, kept out of trouble, and got the results.”

Saturday’s MX1 Motocross Qualifying winner, and current points leader Ken de Dycker said “This is not my favorite track because it is too fast and can be hard to pass. I had a decent start – for me – and found some nice lines. After that the race went well and felt easy. I have had enough of the mud so it is good to have sunny conditions like this.”

Ken de Dycker leads Coppins by one points as they head to the next round in Turkey next weekend.

In MX2, the overall winnner was Marvin Musquin with moto finishes of first and third over second place finisher Gautier Paulin’s two/two. Paulin leads Musquin by four points in the chase the MX2 Motocross World Championship crown.

MX2 Series points leader Gautier Paulin said “Many people thought I had the red plate only because the conditions were so bad in Italy and that I was lucky to win there. I really needed to prove to them that I can maintain this lead in ‘normal’ conditions, and I did that today. We are making further improvements on the bike all the time, so I am hoping my speed will increase further throughout the year.” smiled the delighted Frenchman.

In the Womens’ racing, the Grand Prix was won by defending Motocross World Champion Livia Lancelot from France.

Courtesy Youthstream, Yamaha Racing, Suzuki, Josh Coppins, Synergy, CDS

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Images: Josh Coppins on podium, Ken de Dycker, MX2 points leader Gautier Paulin twice, Josh Coppins relishing Grand Prix victory, MX2 GP winner M Musquin number 25 twice.

Video News Highlights of the Bulgarian Motocross Grand Prix Courtesy Youthstream

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