Tanel Leok scores MX1 victory! Gautier Paulin wins MX2! Rain is part of the story in the opening GP of 2009!

MX1 Results
1. Tanel Leok YAM
2. Ken de Dycker SUZ
3. Clem Desalle HON
4. Aigar Leok TM
5. Antonio Cairoli YAM
6. Josh Coppins YAM
7. Max Nagl KTM
8. Tom Church CCM
9. David Philippaerts YAM
10. Jon Barragan KTM
11. Jason Dougan CCM
12. Steve Ramon SUZ
13. Gareth Swanepoel KAW
14. Marc de Reuver HON
15. Julien Bill APR
MX1 Points
Tanel Leok 25
Ken de Dycker 22
Clem Desalle 20
Aigar Leok 18
Antonio Cairoli 16
Josh Coppins 15
Max Nagl 14
Tom Church 13
David Philippaerts 12
Jon Barragan 11
Jason Dougan 10
Steve Ramon 9
Gareth Swanepoel 8
Marc de Reuver 7
Julien Bill 6
MX2 Results
1. Gautier Paulin KAW
2. J van Horebeek KTM
3. Marvin Musquin HON
4. Davide Guarneri YAM
5. Joel Roelants KTM
6. Ales. Lupino YAM
7. Nic Aubin YAM
8. Marco Maddii SUZ
9. V. Teillet KTM
10. Jake Nicholls KTM
11. Shaun Simpson KTM
12. X. Boog SUZ
13. S Frossard KAW
14. C K Kromhof KTM
15. Deny Philippaerts YAM
MX2 Points
Gautier Paulin 25
J van Horebeek 22
Marvin Musquin 20
Davide Guarneri 18
Joel Roelants 16
Ales. Lupino 15
Nic Aubin 14
Marco Maddii 13
V. Teillet 12
Jake Nicholls 11
Shaun Simpson 10
X. Boog 9
S Frossard 8
C K Kromhof 7
Deny Philippaerts 6

Faenza – Crossdromo Monte Coralli

Results and points here. Can David Philippaerts retain his MX1 World Championship? How will Tony Cairoli do in a full season of MX1? Will Josh Coppins regain top form? Can Belgian Steve Ramon get back on top? If you read on, and see how the weekend went, you’ll find that Sunday’s ultimate winner was … rain!

Thursday & Friday at the race track – a beehive of activity – teams and riders getting ready, the press preparing as well, meeting up with old friends and faces, and making new faces.

Saturday took on a more serious tone – the bikes are actually on the track now! The weather conditions are a bit overcast, but right now perfect for motocross! In the new Saturday qualifying races, World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts won the MX1 qualifying heat. Josh Coppins was leading, but fell. The top three – Philippaerts, Jonathan Barragan, and Antonio Cairoli. Steve Ramon was fourth. In MX2, the winner of Saturday’s qualifying race was Tonus Arnaud #23, from Switzerland, on a KTM. The racing now on Saturday’s is a big hit with the fans, and makes for much more weekend entertainment & action.

To watch a video of the practice session in the early part of Saturday, you can visit this link

To see the video of the qualifying races on Saturday, where David Philippaerts won in MX1 and Tonus Arnaud won in MX2, you can view this link

To see video from the Motocross Grand Prix on Sunday, you can view this linYou’ll see interviews with MX2 winner Gautier Paulin, and MX1 winner Tanel Leok. Plus you’ll see the extremely muddy conditions

To see a blog on the publishers travels and more, especially this trip to Italy, visit this link.

Sunday – it’s grey, overcast, and raining. But the crowd is pouring into the race track. They are literally parked from miles away, coming in to the circuit in giant buses … along with lots of people even walking in (with umbrellas of course!).

As the day goes on, the story line is RAIN. Constant rain. The track has become a quagmire. Literally.

The first MX2 moto win goes to Gautier Paulin number 21 on the Bud Racing Kawasaki. Second was Jeremy van Horebeek on the KTM Junior Factory Team, and third was Marvin Musquin. The race was 16 laps, and winner completed it in 42 minutes 22 seconds.

In the first MX2 race, it was won by Tanel Leok, #8, riding for the Red Bull De Carli Yamaha team. Second went to Ken de Dycker on Suzuki, third was Clement Desalle, followed by Aigar Leok, Antonio Cairoli, Josh Coppins, Max Nagl, Tom Church, David Philippaerts, Jon Barragan, Jason Dougan and Steve Ramon. Tanel went 15 laps in 41 minutes 16 seconds.

All the riders were unrecognizeable about the first half lap. Just completed covered in brown mud. But days like today are what motocross is : )

As the rain continued to come down harder and harder, the decision was made to cancel the second motos – the conditions were just too dangerous.

To view the larger images, just roll your mouse over the icons.

In the photos below you’ll see: The 250 podium, the 450 podium, Antonio Cairoli and his number 222 Factory Red Bull Yamaha, all of Team Honda at their press conference, Jonathan Barragan 7, the Monster Yamaha pit area with Josh Coppins poster in the background, Ken de Dycker’s number 9 Factory Teka Suzuki, David Vuillemin’s number 12 Bud Kawasaki, the new Miss Motocross Elisabeth and her friend, someone you might recognize (Mrs. DV 12 : ) , Ken de Dycker and his number 9 Suzuki in Saturday morning practice, Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream, and the FIM announced plans for a new two-stroke championship Sunday morning, Max Nagl number 5, David Philippaerts on the staring gate, World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts coming off the track after morning practice, the Monster Yamaha pit poster of World Motocross Champion from Italy David Philippaerts, the sun setting on the vineyards surrounding the track and the two story pit lane facility, Belgian Steve Ramon’s number 11 Factory Teka Suzuki, Steve Ramon number 11 on the GP track, the three girls from Red Bull that served me a nice espresso and sushi, Sebastien Pourcel’s number 90 Factory Kawasaki 450, Tanel Leok number 8 poses with his Red Bull Yamaha, KTM had a nice press intro with their team – you’ll see Stefan Everts and Pit Beirer hosting, along with factory riders Rui Goncalves, Shaun Simpson, Max Nagl, and Jonathan Barragan, the beautiful girls, the two story pit lane structure for VIPs and race technicians, close up Cairoli’s factory Yamaha, Tony and Jill, the hillside Faenza race circuit, all the Veteran riders posing for a group photo, David Vuilemin 12, and Monster Yamaha getting their pit ready on Thursday before this weekend’s race.

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