Stephanie Laier wins Women’s World Championship round of the Spanish Motocross Grand Prix! Livia Lancelot maintains series points lead!

FIM Women’s World Results
1. Stephanie Laier 1/2 KTM
2. Larissa Papenmeier 2/3 SUZ
3. Livia Lancelot 5/1 KAW
4. Maria Franke 4/4 KAW
5. Elin Mann 3/5 KTM
6. Nathalie Kane SUZ
7. Nicky van Wordragen KTM
8. Marianne Veenstra SUZ
9. Elien De Winter HON
10. Marielle De Mol YAM
FIM Women’s World Point Standings

Livia Lancelot 135
Stephanie Laier 119
Larissa Papenmeier 106
Maria Franke 103
Elin Mann 99
Nathalie Kane 87
Marianne Veenstra 82
Ashley Fiolek 80
Elien De Winter 65
Marielle De Mol 59

Bellpuig circuit

Stephanie Laier came away with the overall win today at the Spanish Grand Prix of Motocross. Defending World Motocross Champion Livia Lancelot finished third, and maintains her series points lead.

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Grand Prix winner Stephanie Laier, Women’s World Motocross Champion Livia Lancelot, and Larissa Papenmeier:

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Images & Video News Highlights of the Women’s Motocross Grand Prix of Spain, courtesy Youthstream


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