The 2009 Women’s World Motocross Championship started this weekend with defending World Motocross Champion Livia Lancelot, from France, winning the opening Grand Prix!

FIM Women’s World Results
1. Livia Lancelot 2/1 KAW
2. Stephanie Laier 1/2 KTM
3. Ashley Fiolek 3/3 HON
4. Elin Mann 5/4 KTM
5. Maria Franke 4/8 KAW
6. Marianne Veenstra 7/5 SUZ
7. Nathalie Kane 6/9 SUZ
8. Larissa Papenmeier 9/7 SUZ
9. Tarah Gieger 14/6 YAM
10. Chiara Fontanesi 10/10 YAM
FIM Women’s World Point Standings
Livia Lancelot 47
Stephanie Laier 47
Ashley Fiolek 40
Elin Mann 34
Maria Frank 31
Marianne Veenstra 30
Nathalie Kane 27
Larissa Papenmeier 26
Tarah Gieger 22
Chiara Fontanesi 22


The 2009 Women’s World Championship started this weekend in Bulgaria, at the Gorna Rositza. World Motocross Champion Livia Lancelot, from France, on the 114 Kawasaki was the overall winner, although her and second place finisher Stephanie Laier tied on points for the weekend with 47 each. American Ashley Fiolek finished third. The next round for the Women’s World Motocross Championship will be in Portugal May 9 & 10.

Images: Livia Lancelot in action, the Women’s Podium, start of Moto 1 on Saturday

Video News Highlights from today’s Bulgarian Motocross Grand Prix – Courtesy Youthstream

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