It’s Round 2 of the FIM Women’s World Motocross Championship – The Grand Prix of Portugal. KTM’s defending World MX Champion Steffi Laier from Germany wins overall. 2008 Women’s World Motocross Champion Livia Lancelot of France finishes second …

FIM Women’s World Results

1. Steffi Laier 3/1

2. Livia Lancelot 1/4 KTM
3. Maria Franke 2/3


4. Natalie Kane 5/2


5. Chiara Fontanesi 6/6


6. Marielle de Mol 8/7


7. Larissa Papenmeier 11/5

8. Elin Mann KTM
9. Anne Borchers


10. Nicky v Wordragen YAM

FIM Women’s point standings

Steffi Laier


Maria Franke 80

Livia Lancelot 76

C Fontanesi 72
Natalie Kane 68
L Papenmeier

Elin Mann 53
Marielle de Mol 47
Anne Borchers 43
Elien de Winter 41


Steffi Laier and her KTM continue their domination of the Women’s World Motocross Series, by winning the Grand Prix of Portugal overall race. Her finishes were third in the first race of Saturday, and she won the second moto on Sunday. Steffi also leads the championship points standings over fellow German racer Maria Franke, 95 to 80.

Livia Lancelot, 2008 Women’s World Motocross Champion won the first moto of the Portuguese MX GP on Saturday, and finished second overall behind defending Women’s World MX Champ Steffi Laier.

Notes: American Racer Ashley Fiolek is in California testing and training for the Women’s AMA National Motocross Championship.

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FIM Women's World Motocross 2010 - Round 2 - Portugal - Photo 1 of 3

Franke in the rain

FIM Women's World Motocross 2010 - Round 2 - Portugal - Photo 2 of 3

Livia Lancelot

FIM Women's World Motocross 2010 - Round 2 - Portugal - Photo 3 of 3

Steffi Laier

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