This week on MX Talk Radio we’re doing a special Father’s Day twist. We’re honoring the dads that pour their blood, sweat and tears (or money, time and elbow grease) into the support, guidance and foundation that has shaped todays racers during their rise to the Professional level.

First up we’ll have #140, Johnny Moore’s dad John on to hear about his experience bringing Johnny through the ranks. He’s coming from a perspective of a guy who’s kid is still on the rise and can only expect things to get better and better in the coming years.

Next we’ll hear from long time moto dad Tony Alessi. Tony is a been there and done that dad with two boys in the sport and tons of experience behind him already. Tony’s perspective comes from having Mike and Jeff literally reach the highest highs our sport has to offer, so it will be very interesting to hear his stories and history as a moto dad.

Last but certainly not least, our buddy Eric Borkenhagen will be checking in to talk about his participation in putting Sean ‘Borky’ Borkenhagen up in to the Pro’s. Once again, Eric is coming from a been there done that perspective but with a different result than what Tony has had. We’ll hear from Erik in his own words about his expectations, proud moments, struggles and victories.

It’s sure to be an interesting show, so be sure and tune in for our LIVE show at 7pm Pacific this Tuesday and every Tuesday at where you can watch us do our LIVE show on the video webcast.

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