It’s been 5 years since Ezra Lusk hung up his racing boots and turned his passion of racing dirt bikes into retirement life with lots of family time and tennis. This past weekend at the US Open of Supercross in Las Vegas Nevada, Ezra strapped back on his racing boots, jumped on the 450 and took to the track to see what could happen. I chatted with Ezra in the pits and we talked racing and life; I was surprised to hear what he had to say.

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Angela: Ezra it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you at a race, I am so excited to see you out here at the US Open, how was the race last night, and how do you feel being back?

Ezra: It feels really good to be back. Friday night was pretty tough, I had way more butterflies than I could ever imagine having and I think more butterflies than my first race ever. Being 16 years old at your first race you are pretty naive and it’s hard to grasp the situation and the moment and last night it really caught up to me and I couldn’t make anything happen, I couldn’t race the track so I just rode around, it seemed. Today’s been pretty good, so I am excited to go out there and race tonight.

What did you do with all those nerves after you got started racing?

The nerves did go away after awhile but my speed was kind of lacking, I just couldn’t put together any fast laps and yeah eventually the nerves went away.

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What’s it like making your way back to the track five years later with some of those guys who were just getting into racing when you were leaving?

All the guys out here are great and I know all the guys have respect for one another and they all have shown me a lot of respect which is very cool but I just need to get out there and run with the guys and pick up the pace and stick with them and feel it out. This weekend I just wanted to feel it out and try to be up there and get some good laps in with them and not go to the LCQ’s like I did last night.

Ezra what’s the main reason for your return to the US Open of Supercross this weekend?

The purpose of me coming out to the US Open was to see if I want to come back and race again. Really I wanted to see if I should enter into a full Supercross contract come race time and really commit to that. You know I don’t really want to base this solely on this weekend and personally how I felt after I left here would really be the determining factor if I want to go further with it or not.

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A: Now you do have a few months before 2010 Supercross kicks off, it’s exciting to hear that you would make a comeback; can I ask what sparked this return?

Like I say, it’s really completely up in the air and I just wanted to come here before I even try and negotiate with anybody about anything, and see if I really want to go take a spot on a team. I want to make sure that I want to be there and I don’t want to waste anybody’s time. Hopefully after tonight’s results I should have a better feel of what I want to do.

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A: So, what have you been doing over the past few years and what kinds of preparation did you put into coming back this weekend and making these kinds of discussions?

Well over the last five years I’ve been ridings but it’s inconsistent and in between playing lots of tennis but over the last year I’ve really got back on my bike and enjoyed it. This past 6 months I’ve really put in a lot of time on the bike with lots of laps on the 4-stroke. I didn’t really get to race the 4-stroke all but one race before I retired so getting used to that’s been the biggest issue for me.

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What about your family, did they all make it out here to support you at this race?

Yes, my wife and two boys are out here along with my brother and a few of his friends, it’s great to have them out here.

Great seeing you Ezra, have a great race tonight!

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