You probably have never heard of Jacob. But you will – he’s only 13 years old, but already is the most hyped and prolific amateur rider ever.

Let’s begin with his stats: Winner of the 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 National Amateur Series, winner of the 2003 50cc Championship Series, winner of the 2004 65cc Championship Series, and, recently crowned 2005 85cc Series Champion. A total of 19 amateur championship titles. He’s won over 130 races. All the current factory teams are courting him. He’s got sponsorship offers from beverage companies, video game makers, main-stream clothing manufacturers, and more. And he’s only 13 years old.

A Factory Team Manager, wishing to stay anonymous, says “It’s out control. These young riders today want salaries before they become professional. They’ve never proven themselves at the top level, yet they want hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have attorneys, representatives, and agencies behind them. It’s so way over the top now it’s incredible. Where will it stop? But we definitely want to sign him – he’s our number one priority.”

I sat down to interview Jacob right after the recent Orlando supercross. I had heard rumors that Jacob is loud, cocky, and arrogant. Let me say, this is the most interesting interview I’ve ever done, and the most exciting audio clip we’ve ever published – please give a listen to it if you can.

Exclusive Supercross Interview: Jacob Mahoney - Photo 1 of 1


Listen to the interview with Jacob Mahoney right here – its a QuickTime file, three minutes in length, and 1 mg in size.


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