This is a fun event not to be missed. This unique motocross event will take place July 21 at the Horensbergdam circuit in Genk, Belgium. As the event’s name indicates, all profits will go to charity (see below). This will be the fifth edition of the “Everts & Friends Charity Race”. July 21 is also The National Day of Belgium.

Stefan Everts, ten-time World Motocross Champion and currently Race Director for KTM, takes on the challenge with his colleagues from MX1 and MX2 classes for this event exclusively.

And, another star guest will be two-time World Motocross Champion Sébastien Tortelli, taking a short leave from his US-based ‘ChampFactory Motocross School’ and flying over for this occasion. Tortelli’s presence offers a rare opportunity to see him in action again, and many fans undoubtedly will not have forgotten his 1998 MX2 World MX title after a heroic battle with Everts in Megalopolis (Greece).

Also on the participants list: Clement Desalle (Suzuki), Ken De Dycker (Yamaha), Max Nagl (KTM), Tanel Leok (Honda), Rui Goncalves (KTM), Manuel Priem (Aprilia), Jeremy Van Horebeek (Kawasaki), Jeffrey Herlings (KTM), Joël Roelants (KTM), Shaun Simpson (KTM), Arnaud Tonus (Suzuki), Johan Boonen, Eddy Seel, Kevin Wouts, Kenny Vandueren, Mike Vanderstraeten, … and Benoit Pauwels, the well-known ‘one-armed racer’.

Confirmations of other GP stars for the “Everts & Friends Charity Motocross Race” are expected in due time. Five-time World Motocross Champion Joël Smets and three-fold Dakar Winner Cyril Despres have already agreed to compete in the ‘GP Stars’ series at the Horensbergdam. And not to be missed: multiple cyclocross champion Sven Nys takes up the motocross challenge!

Current MX 1 World Motocross Champion Antonio Cairoli has also confirmed his presence. but will decide on the spot upon his taking part in the races.

In the ‘Ladies’ class fans can look forward to World MX Champion Stephanie Laier among others.

In the ‘Golden Heroes’ class, the stars of Eric ‘Mr. 875’ Geboers, André Vromans, Neil Hudson, Graham Noyce, Marc Velkeneers and rally champion Freddy Loix will shine once again. And what’s more: Stefan Everts is still in talks with former champions Dave Thorpe (World Champion 500cc 1985, 1986 and 1989) and Danny LaPorte (the first American World 250cc MX Champion – 1982).

Don’t miss the unmissable and witness the Everts-Tortelli clash one more time. The rest of the line-up is no less: you will find absolute joy in the afternoon races of the ‘Ladies’, Future Stars’ (85cc), ‘GP Stars’ (MX1/MX2) and ‘Golden Heroes’ (old timers : ). Need more details? The following might convince you!

FUTURE STARS VS. GP STARS: Two series in which GP Stars (MX1/MX2) start from the second row, behind the young ‘Future Stars’. All participants are obliged to ride a 85cc bike.

LADIES CHASE: A clash between GP Stars and the Ladies. The MX1 and MX2 riders. The Ladies start with one round ahead and it is up to the GP Stars to chase the ladies!

WRONG WAY PIT-STOP RACE: Another round of ‘tug of war’ between the ‘Ladies’ and the ‘GP Stars'(who start from the second row). This time, they ride the racing circuit in the opposite direction. In addition, the GP Stars have to make a pit stop during which they have to change the rear tire.

AMERICAN RACE OR AMERICANO: An exciting knock-out race for the ‘GP Stars’. After each round, the last two or three riders are knocked out. Ultimately, two surviving Stars battle for the win in two final rounds.

GOLDEN HEROES: Two ‘classic’ series, twelve minutes + 1 round each in which the ‘Golden Heroes’ battle each other on old timer bikes.

LIAM & FRIENDS: Liam, Stefan’s five-year old son and a skillful BMX rider already, will ‘showcase’ his promising talent on his little PW-bike. Together with his friends he will race a few rounds on a mini-circuit in and around the starting zone during the break.

STUNNING SHOW FOR CHARITY: In addition to the fun on the race circuit, there will also be lots to discover on the rest of the grounds. The paddock and team trucks will be conveniently arranged in U-shape, there is a kids area (bouncy castle, trampolines, grime …) and a huge “Fan Party” in the party tent. The Freestyle ‘FMX4ever’ Team of Jimmy Verburgh will display some more high air fun in between and after the races. And last but not least: a signing session with the MX World Championship Stars will be held during the break.

Praga Khan’s icon Maurice Engelen composed a song for ‘Everts & Friends’ that will blow you out of your socks. This song, with stirring beats, will be played through all the loud-speakers just before the start of each race.

The winner of the ‘Future Stars’ class receives the Stefan Everts trophy, a stone-carved replica of ‘The Legend’s’ last air cooled engine, fully equipped with kick starter and spark plug.

Joël Robert, Sylvain Geboers and Harry Everts – together totaling ten World MX Championship titles – will most exclusively mount their vehicles one more time for a lap of honour.

In line with previous editions, all profits made by the ‘Everts & Friends Charity Race’ will be donated to charity projects. These are selected by Stefan Everts and focus mainly on children and youth: ‘Een Hart voor Limburg’ (Koning Boudewijnstichting), ‘Make a Wish’, ‘Ter Heide’ (care centre for people with a serious or multiple mental disability) and Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (a Luxemburgian/Belgian child cancer foundation). A number of these children and youth will attend to the event in Genk. They will enjoy full attention of Mediclowns in a specially equipped VIP-lounge.

To raise extra funds, exclusive ‘Everts & Friends’ t-shirts will be sold (via ) and on the most important BMB motocross races) and the 85cc motorbike of Stefan Everts will be sold by auction during the event day.


Ticket box office: 15 euro

Ticket advance booking via 12 euro

VIP ticket via 139 euro


On our website you will find all info, the most recent participants lists, race schedules …

Everts and Friends - Charity MX Race - Photo 1 of 2

Everts and Friends - Charity MX Race - Photo 2 of 2

Stefan Everts – KTM Race Director, 10 time World Motocross Champion

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