In front of more than 100,000 visitors, who have filled up the grand stands of the 67th edition of International Motorcycle Expo, Round #4 of the European Supercross Championship has taken place tonight, November 14th. A spectacular location for this race that every year enriches the Saturday afternoon of EICMA.

To date, the French riders have been at the top, as you can see by the point standings. One rider who has not been able to perform as he’s wanted because of injury, is Manuel Rivas of Spain. But he is the overall winner today in Milan!

The top three in results:

  1. Manuel Rivas – 2/1
  2. Fabien Izoird – 1/3
  3. Cyrille Coulon – 3/2

The top five in the point standings:

  1. Fabien Izoird – 92 – France
  2. Greg Aranda – 84 – France
  3. Cristophe Martin – 61 – France
  4. Cyrille Coulon – 52 – France 5. Julien Vanni – 47 – France

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The final round will be November 28, in Genova, Italy!

European Supercross Series - Milan, Italy. Victory to Rivas! - Photo 1 of 1


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