As usual European Supercross Championship will start off at ‘Palais des Sports’ of Marseille, thanks to organization and experience of Motoclub Boade. This will be two days of real entertainment, at which will assist the hot riders participating at the race. This double race-day, valid as Round #1 and #2 for the SX Series, reserves many interesting points concerning the high technical level of the riders and also the new rules for this year. Will be introduce the new class SX2 (under 19 – 125/2) in addiction to unchanged SX1 (open) and SXRookie (85cc.). This led a growing of the inscriptions and more and more riders are going to participate increasing the level of the Championship year by year.

Definitely the man to beat at Marseille will be the national idol Paulin (Yamaha Monster), one of the most reliable talents on the world stage, 2009 European Champion. The fight to win the title seemed to be fierce looking to the multi decorated riders and to those which are coming back from the 2010 AMA Supercross as Izoird (Suzuki) 2008 and 2009 European Championship, Aranda (Kawasaki Bud Racing) winner of the 2009 SX Marsiglia -, Ruis (Honda MB Team) SX Internazionali D’Italia 2010 defending champion and also winner of the German and French Championship and Lesage (Kawasaki Team Lesage) leader SX Tour. Will try to forced the French rule Rivas (Kawasaki Spain) 2009 Milano Eicma winner coming back from the American Supercross too. Rivas will lead the large opponent’s group in which stand out Dami, best Italian of the year, Engle, American rider landed in Europe.

The SX2 class promises show and excitement without end, for the competitive spirit and the desire to emerge.

Among the Italians some absolute emerging talent such as Bernardini (KTM Ufo Corse Maglia Azzurra), leader of SX2 in Italy and third placed at the European MX, Cucini (KTM Banzai) winner of 85cc in Marseille, and Zecchina (Suzuki Castellari) coming back from an accident. Once again the French frighten with their great participation, leading by Pecout (Yamaha Reptil) and Irsuti (Yamaha Reptile), protagonists of SX Tour.

Finally for the second year will be held, on Saturday, the SX Rookie (85cc) that will entertain the public with the young promises of European Supercross: Italian riders Poggi (KTM Ufo Corse Maglia Azzurra), Bersanelli (Yamaha BigJump), Schito (KTM AJEfferacing) and Isdraele (KTM Rosignano), the Spanish Zaragoza (Suzuki International Youth) and many young French riders as Houzet (KTM), Lebeau (KTM CrossUp), Verhaeghe (Kawasaki CLS) and De Clerq (Yamaha Ollcom).


Round #1 15/10 Palais du Sport Marseille

Round #2 16/10 Palais du Sport Marseille

Round #3 23/10 Byzkaya Arena Bilbao

Round #4 06/11 EICMA Fair Milano

Round #5 13/11 Palafiera Genova

Courtesy Off Road Pro Racing

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