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European Notebook, Part II - Photo 1 of 4
Chad Reed winning in Holland!

Saturday, December 14 – 11:46pm – We had breakfast at 9:30. Oatmeal and toast. We got to the track at 10:30. Track walk was at 11. Dirt Wurx was trying to get the riders to use different options and lines on the track, and that worked really well. The track ended up having multiple lines, which was great.

After Sebastien’s first practice, we talked about the different options on the track. Such as taking the short, slow lines compared to the fast, but longer lines. Sebastien learned that he wants to keep up his momentum more, using the outside lines and berms. In the past, he had a habit of starting and stopping on the track. More flow. More momentum.

In Seb’s heat, he had a good race with Ryan Clark. Sebastien planned for four corners to make a pass on Ryan. He kept squaring the inside on three corners, and then went outside in the whoops and the corner after. My hat’s off to Ryan. He got a great start, rode hard and strong, and qualified straight from his heat.

Seb and I talked after his heat. Where can he be stronger? What happened on the start? Let’s go over the game plan.

Sebastien might of been a bit fatigued. He rode a lot with JMB. Especially on Wednesday. We had practice here on Thursday and Friday. He rode practice today. He’s had four solid days of riding. Also, as we’ve changed his riding style, his back was getting a little bit sore. We are really building a brand new rider from a rider that’s already great.

European Notebook, Part II - Photo 2 of 4
Dutch podium!

Our game plan was two fold: The podium, and no matter what, charge hard all the way until the end. Sebastien wants to get past the point of when pain sets in, and keep pushing after that. Never give up until the checkered flag.

It’s got to be quite a boost to Chad Reed’s confidence – he won tonight. He deserved to win too. His speed on the YZ 250 was phenomenal. He was aggressive and attacked the track. For Chad, I’m sure it’s a nice stepping stone towards accomplishing his larger goals. It should be interesting in January when you put guys like Chad, and World points leader David Vuillemin against the guy that’s the best in the world – Ricky Carmichael.

David Vuillemin finished second tonight. For him, I’m sure he’s having a sense of pleasure for a couple of reasons. First is he’s leading the points. Second is that he’s coming back from surgery, and hasn’t been on the bike that long. He knows consistency helps in winning championships, so he settled for second tonight. He knows it’s a long season too.

Mike LaRocco was third. Not a great start in the main, but battled to third. He’s right on track with what’s he’s always been doing.

For Grant Langston, getting fourth is a big step. In 2002, he was inconsistent in the 125 class. He’s always had the speed, but hit the ground too much. Getting third last weekend, and fourth this weekend says a lot about Grant, the KTM’s, and what we can expect to see in 2003. Surprisingly, Grant was having problems with a sore back as well – he fell on Thursday, and had a hard time just walking.

European Notebook, Part II - Photo 3 of 4
The Sacchi Brothers!

Seb finished fifth tonight. He fell in the main, but charged hard till the end. He bobbled, hit the top of a jump, the seat hit him in the butt, knocked his feet off the pegs, and he lost his momentum in the next rhythm section. He looked like a bucking bronc! It took him about three laps to really get going again. I was very proud of him though. He dug down deep. He passed Jeremy, and put 20 seconds on him by the end of the race. He got by Tim Ferry after Tim bobbled as well. I think it’s a good benchmark for us to work from. He knows where he’s at, and knows what he needs to work on.

Tim Ferry finished sixth. I’d love to see Timmy be strong until the checkered. He has the speed, but something somewhere is lacking for him to finish strong at the end.

Jeremy McGrath is working with a new bike. He’s going thru a lot of changes, and I think that’s part of the equation right now. He’s not as settled with the bike as he will be. He’s got the speed, and the smoothness is there like it always is. He’s still learning the KTM’s.

After the race, former World Champion, long-time trainer for Seb, and former competitor of mine, Jacky Vimond came over and made some suggestions for the Suzuki. It was an incredibly intelligent observation on Jacky’s part. Jacky has been like Sebastien’s big brother – he started coaching him when he was 13 (13!) Jacky is still looking out for what’s best for Sebastien.

At 11pm, Tony pulled the motor, rear shock, front forks, triple clamps, and crated them up to ship back to the USA. Sebastien is packing his gear, talking with old friends, and signing autographs. We’ll go get something to eat, pack our clothes back in the hotel, and head out to the airport early in the morning.

The bottom line for the trip? We are moving forward. We know where we are at. And we know what we need to work on. We’re looking forward to Anaheim.

Afterwards, Mae LaRocco was passing out dinner coupons. She came up to Tony, and what number were the coupons? 13, 14, and 15. 13! Tony said ‘No thanks. I’ll take 14, 15, and 16. Please give the #13 to somebody else’.

Vuillemin leads the point standings with 47, Reed is next with 41.

250 Main Event Results – Netherlands Round 2:

  1. Chad Reed – YAM
  2. David Vuillemin – YAM
  3. Mike LaRocco – HON
  4. Grant Langston – KTM
  5. Sebastien Tortelli – SUZ
  6. Tim Ferry – YAM
  7. Jeremy McGrath – KTM
  8. Andrew Short – SUZ
  9. Manual Rivas – KAW
  10. Keith Johnson – YAM

World Point Standings:

  1. David Vuillemin – 47
  2. Chad Reed – 41
  3. Grant Langston – 38
  4. Tim Ferry – 37
  5. Mike LaRocco – 34
  6. Sebastien Tortelli – 34
  7. Jeremy McGrath – 29
  8. Damon Huffman – 22
  9. Andrew Short – 20
  10. Keith Johnson – 19

European Notebook, Part II - Photo 4 of 4
Seb & RJ

Sunday, December 15 – 5am – Wow. Our European trip is almost over. We are checking out of our hotel, and heading to the airport to make the long flight back to LAX. Then it’s about a 1 hour drive home. Both Sebastien and I are tired, yet pleased with everything that’s happened in the last 10 days. And we can’t wait to get back home to our families too. We’ll rest for a day or two, and then get back to it for Anaheim.

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to check out my journal. I’ll be doing more of it in the future.


p.s. And thanks to everyone that helped us along the way. We appreciate it, and look forward to seeing you all again in 2003.

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