Wow, I just realized it has been sooooo long since my last blog. My apologies! But I think you know how times flies when you are busy : )

I guess it’s time for me to give you a little update today, shall we?


So many of you have been asking ‘Hey Amanda, are you in Europe doing the Motocross Grand Prix Series and television for Youthstream like you did in 2008?’

First, thanks everyone for asking. I had a blast in Europe (and South Africa) last year. I made so many new friends, learned so much, and had so many great life experiences. Youthstream has given me such a great opportunity ….. the Motocross Grand Prix series TV is on live in so many countries throughout the world, and also has same day coverage in so many other countries. It’s still almost surreal of all the things I was able to do last year! I can’t thank everyone at Youthstream enough!

We did talk about doing the Motocross Grand Prix TV series for this year, and doing it on even a larger scale. Unfortunately for me, the logistics of being away from home and my family for almost 7 months, and the travel issues, I just couldn’t make it work like I would of liked. But we did say that maybe it’s a possibility for 2010.


I’m really looking forward to this weekend’s Seattle Supercross, after having a weekend off from the series. There are two Supercross championships that are just laps away from being decided! James Stewart and Chad Reed look like they’ll be bringing the 450 Supercross Series down to the wire at the finale in Las Vegas. And Ryan Dungey and Jake Weimer are battling it out for the 2009 AMA West Supercross title. It has been a very exciting season!

As you might know, James Stewart has an amazing record/streak going on in the premier Supercross class. He has won 100% of the races he’s started and not crashed in. (And he’s even won some races that he’s also had a fall in … ) Incredible. Chad Reed has proven he has the speed to beat James, and is leading in points with only three races to go! Those two are head and shoulders above everyone else. We joke around here about renaming the series The Chad Reed James Stewart Supercross Series!

And, J Law (Jason Lawrence) has impressed a lot of people and is proving he has the talent to race in the premier supercross class. Josh Grant has had some bad luck lately, but is still tied for fourth in points – go Josh!


Europe, TV, Supercross, Lusk Legacy - Photo 1 of 2

Last night I was able to attend the First Annual Lusk Legacy Foundation Gala & Poker Tournament in In Temecula CA. All monies raised are donated to the charity.

Last night was so heart warming to see so many people in the FMX and MX family gather together to honor Jeremy Lusk and to raise money for the Lusk Legacy fund. There was a silent auction, great food, an amazing band, a photo booth, and a dance floor. Everyone was dressed to impress, and all were speaking great things about the cause and Jeremy.

One of the auction items was a jersey & riding pants that belonged to Jeremy Lusk worn in last years X Games. The bidding was up to $4,500 when I last saw it, (I left about 10:30pm) but there was a line of people trying to put their bids in still!

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Brian Deegan said it best about the cause and the monies raised when he was on stage and said “So many times we (professional Freestyle riders) go over to different places and countries and have to ride and perform in places that are dangerous, and not set up well if something bad was to happen, and we don’t have anyone or anything to stand up for us if we think it’s a sketchy situation. Part of this money now will be going to protect riders in situations like that, and make sure we are as safe as we should be.”

The other money will be used to pay the expenses it took to help Jeremy in his final days.

I took a ton of pictures and had my usual ‘AmandaCam’ at the event, with tons of help the the lovely MJ from MXGirls! We had so much fun! so stay tuned for all that a little bit later!

Again, it was really neat to see everyone come together for a such a great cause.


PS: I have a birthday coming up, and I’ll be doing something that I’ve always wanted to do … although I won’t tell you yet what it is I will be doing. I will tell you this though: Ill be wearing a helmet with a helmet-cam and will be sharing my experience with you!

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