Day 3 of ESPN X Games 17 in Los Angeles yesterday had lots of what X Games is all about, pushing the limits in extreme action sports. It had Vicki Golden winning the Women’s Moto X Racing (Supercross), Nate Adams taking the Gold Medal in the exciting Speed & Style, Shaun White performing a sick trick to win in Skateboard Vert, and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg crashing hard.

There are four main disciplines in X Games 17, with each having different classes in those disciplines.

  1. BMX Freestyle: Vert, Park, and Street
  2. Rally Car: Rally Car Racing and RallyCross
  3. Skateboarding: Big Air, Vert, Park, Street (Men’s & Women’s), Game of SK8, and Real Street
  4. Moto X: Step Up, Best Trick, Best Whip, Freestyle, Racing Women’s (Supercross), Speed & Style, and EnduroX (Men’s and Women’s).

Today’s final day of “X will focus on RallyCross, EnduroX (Endurocross), BMX Freestyle Street, Game of SK8, and Skateboard Big Air.

ESPNs X Games 17, Day 4 - Photo 1 of 7

The Enduro X track inside the Staples Center, home of the Lakers, Clippers and Kings.

First off, Travis Pastrana is attempting to race in RallyCross. He has a specially designed car that uses only hand controls. (Travis broke bones in his foot and ankle Thursday night). Travis qualified second in his heat, behind Brian Deegan.

EnduroX Men’s Racing starts off with three heats of ten riders. Each heat is six laps. Geoff Aaron riding a Honda wins the first heat. Kevin Rookstool on a KTM wins the second heat. Mike Brown wins the third heat on a KTM. Endurocross and off-road star Taddy Blazusiak finishes third in this heat. Only the top two advance directly to the Final, so Taddy will have to qualify via the LCQ.

ESPNs X Games 17, Day 4 - Photo 2 of 7

Ryan Hughes looked good in practice, but struggled the rest of the night. The track was rough.

There are two LCQs, Taddy Blazusiak wins the first and Destry Abbott on Kawasaki wins the second.

There is a lot of crashing in EnduroX / Endurocross. It’s sometimes more a question of survival than ‘racing’.

EnduroX Women’s Racing. The Women are lined up for their Final which consists of six laps. It’s controlled chaos. This is the first time for women in Endurocross, and this is a tough course. Maria Forsberg, racing for KTM wins, taking home the Gold Medal. Tarah Gieger finishes second and Kacy Martinez finishing third for the bronze.

Official results:

  1. Maria Forsberg
  2. Tarah Gieger
  3. Kacy Martinez
  4. Elizabeth Bash
  5. Amanda Mastin
  6. Sara Price
  7. Ashley Crouch

From ESPN: Maria Forsberg Wins Her First X Games Gold in Women’s Moto X Enduro X

In her first X Games, Maria Forsberg out battled her competition and the elements of the Enduro X course to grab her first gold medal in inaugural Moto X Enduro X competition at X Games 17.

“It was really challenging because all the girls out here are really good riders,” the Seattle, Wash. native said. “Enduro cross is about consistency so I tried to just stay on the bike as much as I could.”

ESPNs X Games 17, Day 4 - Photo 3 of 7

Maria Forsberg wins the first ever Women’s Enduro X Gold Medal.

That consistency helped Forsberg maneuver around the course and other riders – some who had fallen or were stuck – crossing the finish line more than a minute ahead of Puerto Rico’s Tarah Gieger.

“It was definitely an adventure,” Gieger, who also received silver in Moto X Racing, said. “It started off good in practice when the course was dry, but when they added the water it turned the whole race around. It was really hard to get around and the way that I was racing it wasn’t getting it done. I just fought hard to the end and came out with second place”.

The bronze medalist Kacy Martinez jumped out to a quick lead to start the race, but was passed by Forsberg after she had trouble navigating the rock hill portion of the track.

“I just can’t explain it, the X Games were awesome and I can’t believe I am coming home with a medal,” Martinez added.

ESPNs X Games 17, Day 4 - Photo 4 of 7

Women’s Enduro X Medalists: Tarah Gieger, Maria Forsberg and Kacy Martinez.

Men’s EnduroX Final consits of 10 laps. Kevin Rookstool is the early leader, but Geoff Aaron takes over the lead. Mike Brown and Taddy Blazusiak are having a good battle for second place. Aaron goes down and Blazusiak takes over the lead, Brown moves to second.

Taddy Blazusiak shows the experience he has in off-road, and takes his KTM to the Gold Medal. Mike Brown is second, Justin Soule third.

  1. Taddy Blazusiak
  2. Mike Brown
  3. Justin Soule
  4. Joakim Ljunggren
  5. Geoff Aaron
  6. Destry Abbott
  7. Kurt Caselli
  8. Cody Webb
  9. Taylor Robert
  10. Kevin Rookstool

From ESPN: Poland’s Taddy Blazusiak made one heck of a grand entrance to his first X Games appearance Sunday, helping close out the games with a gold medal in Moto X Enduro X, the newest sport at X Games 17.

“You just try to push yourself to the limit and that’s what I tried to do and you had to make a decision in the split of a second,” Blazusiak said. “I’m really happy, I had a steady start, I wasn’t going over my head and I just worked my way through.”

ESPNs X Games 17, Day 4 - Photo 5 of 7

Taddy Blazusiak stoked after winning the first ever Men’s Enduro X gold medal.

The debut of Enduro X was nothing short of incredibly exciting with riders racing 10 laps around a course littered with boulder fields, a pond, wood logs and bank turns.

Mike Brown, who also made his first appearance on the X Games scene this year, kept the heat on Blazusiak, finishing just 14 seconds behind the winner for the silver medal.

“It’s my first time at X Games and it was great. It’s fun to watch and there’s always something going on in this sport. I hope we get to come back again next year and put on a good show for everyone,” Brown said.

A two-time champion in the World Off Road Championships, Justin Soule was able to add more moto hardware to his collection with his third-place-finish.

“This is awesome because everyone gets to see what Enduro X is. Everyone knows what BMX and skateboarding is and now they know Enduro X so it’s cool and it’s an honor to be a part of this,” Soule said.

The Enduro X events capped off four days of X Games 17 competition that garnered an attendance of 141,500 people in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ L.A. LIVE, beating last year’s attendance of 138,525.

RallyCross Results: Brian Deegan wins Gold Medal

  1. Brian Deegan – 5:02.585
  2. Tanner Foust – 5:08.816
  3. Marcus Gr̦nholm Р5:09.213
  4. Travis Pastrana – 5:09.855
  5. Dave Mirra – 5:17.627
  6. Rhys Millen – 5:22.362
  7. David Higgins – 5:49.260
  8. Liam Doran – 5:57.249

Courtesy ESPN: Deegan Leads Off For X Games Gold – Win Marks Second Medal Of Weekend For Deegan

It was mayhem in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, and Brian Deegan was the master as he beat out an international field of expert rally car drivers to take the X Games gold in RallyCross Finals Sunday.

“That was the highlight of my life. I’ve done a lot of things on a dirt bike, and I’ve done a lot of things in a car, but nothing tops that moment, winning X Games in RallyCross,” Deegan said. “I’ve wanted to beat Tanner Foust all year. Luckily I got lucky off the start, but that’s what it takes.”

ESPNs X Games 17, Day 4 - Photo 6 of 7

The Metal Mulisha General’s Ford Fiesta rally car.

Deegan, a Bellevue, Nebraska native who also took bronze in Moto X Step Up this week, made his first appearance in Rally at X Games 15. He earned the silver medal in both RallyCross and Rally Car Racing at X Games 16, and so it only made sense that he wanted to make the upgrade to a gold at X Games 17.

“Sometimes you just have to dig deep and believe in yourself,” Deegan said. “I set the goal to win this, I achieved my goal, now what’s next?”

Capistrano Beach, Calif. resident Tanner Foust added to his collection of RallyCross medals, finishing second to take his second silver medal in the sport.

“I held up my teammate a little bit, but going 1-2 for Rockstar, you can’t complain,” Foust said.

And, making his first appearance at X Games, Finland’s Marcus Grönholm followed up his silver in Rally Car Racing with the bronze in RallyCross.

“I had a really bad start and there were so many cars in front of me, so I had to dig to come up with it,” Grönholm said.

More from

More Results from X Games 17 – Day 4

BMX Freestyle Street Final Results – at the Event Deck at L.A. LIVE

  1. Garrett Reynolds – 92.00
  2. Dennis Enarson – 85.00
  3. Dakota Roche – 84.00
  4. Ty Morrow – 77.00
  5. Jeremiah Smith – 71.00

Courtesy ESPN: Garrett Reynolds Wins His Fourth BMX Freestyle Street Gold

In 2008, X Games introduced the event of BMX Freestyle Street.  Since that time, only one man has been introduced as the gold medalist.

That man is Toms River, N.J. native Garrett Reynolds, whose final score of 92.00 easily clinched his fourth gold medal in a row.

For Reynolds, the key to his success is a stress free approach.

“I didn’t really stress on it much; I just did what I do every day,” an even-keeled Reynolds said.  “I went out and had fun on my bike and it worked out and I am really happy that it did. This was probably one of my favorite courses that X Games has had, so good job to them.”

Skateboard Street Game of SK8 – Event deck at L.A. LIVE

  1. Ryan Decenzo
  2. Silas Baxter-Neal
  3. Brandon Westgate
  4. Austyn Gillette

Courtesy ESPN: The Game of SK8 takes place on the X Games street course – it’s a trick matching competition based on the basketball game of H-O-R-S-E. The format featured the top four athletes from the Skateboard Real Street competition. The first athlete completes a trick, and the remaining athletes must successfully complete the same trick. If they are unable to do so, they receive a letter. Once an athlete spelled out S-K-8, they are eliminated. The goal is to be the last skater standing.

Ryan Decenzo, the lone Canadian in the competition, outlasted three other competitors to win gold in Skateboard Game of SK8.

“I just came in with not too much stress and just wanted to land tricks,” the Vancouver, B.C. native said. “I just went for the tricks that I always do.  I tried to make them not easy by doing a switch trick or something spinney or flippy.”

And that philosophy helped him eliminate the final competitors, Silas Baxter-Neal and Brandon Westgate, as neither could complete Decenzo’s switch feeble grind.

The medal was his second of the X Games and his first gold. His first medal came in Skateboard Real Street where he finished second to Baxter-Neal. “Skating yesterday was rad, but this is totally different. Much more relaxed and jamming and a great time,” Decenzo added. “The guys had me on edge for sure. Silas with the backtail, an ollie backside flip and stuff like that. I hadn’t done any of these tricks at all on this course.”

ESPNs X Games 17, Day 4 - Photo 7 of 7

Mike Brown, Taddy Blazusiak and Justin Soule make up the first medalists in Men’s Enduro X

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