It’s the annual extravaganza that is ESPN’s X Games. This is version 17, in Los Angeles. There are four main disciplines, with each having different classes in those disciplines.

  1. BMX Freestyle: Vert, Park, and Street
  2. Rally Car: Rally Car Racing and RallyCross

  3. Skateboarding: Big Air, Vert, Park, Street (Men’s & Women’s), Game of SK8, and Real Street
  4. Moto X: Step Up, Best Trick, Best Whip, Freestyle, Racing Women’s (Supercross), Speed & Style, and EnduroX (Men’s and Women’s).

Step Up

Contestents for Step Up: Ronnie Renner, Matt Buyten, Tommy Clowers, Brian Deegan, Myles Richmond and Todd Potter.

They start at 30 feet in height where all six riders make it easily. The bar is raised to 34 feet six inches and they’ve all cleared it. Tommy Clowers is going to be the first to attempt a new height record – 35 feet six inches! He touches the bar and it falls to the ground. Tommy doesn’t make it in his second attempt. Todd Potter doesn’t make it as well.

Brian Deegan now will attempt the new X Games Step Up record height – 35 feet six inches. And he does it! New record! And Myles Richmond makes it too! Ronnie Renner clears it too! Matt Buyten is trying to defend his Gold Medal. He doesn’t make it on his first attempt, but nails it on the second attempt!

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 1 - Photo 1 of 6

Now they set the bar at another record height – upping it one foot to 36′ 6″. Brian Deegan and Myles Richmond fail on both attempts and are out.

Ronnie Renner clears the bar on his first attempt ans sets a New X Games record! Matt Buyten ties the record by clearing it on his second attempt.

Now the bar is set at 37 feet. Ronnie Renner knocks the bar off on both attepempts. Matt Buyten is next and he clears 37 feet, setting a new world record and winning X Games Gold in the process!

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 1 - Photo 2 of 6

Step Up Official results:

  1. Matt Buyten – 37.00
  2. Ronnie Renner – 36.50
  3. Brian Deegan – 35.50
  4. Myles Richmond – 35.50
  5. Tommy Clowers – 34.50
  6. Todd Potter – 33.00.

Matt Buyten says, “It’s everything. This is everything. Everything is on the line right here. This is the X Games, there’s no backing down. You can’t explain the pressure. The bar just keeps climbing and climbing and the pressure keeps building.”

His record jump broke the previous record of 35 feet, set in 2000 by Tommy Clowers, and did so with plenty of room to spare.

Best Whip

Jeremy Stenberg, Nate Adams, Josh Hansen, Thomas Pages, Jarryd McNeil, and Todd Potter. In this 10 minute jam session, the judging is voted on by the fans.

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 1 - Photo 3 of 6

And they just go. One after another, non-stop. Fans are texting in their votes. The riders are parading around the arena – doing burnouts, waving to the crowd, revving their engines. Who is it going to be? The results are in: Jeremy Stenberg, Todd Potter, Jarryd McNeil, Josh Hansen, Thomas Pages, and Nate Adams. Jeremy Stenberg has won the Gold Medal in Best Whip.

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 1 - Photo 4 of 6

“I am stoked to get this gold out of the way,” Stenberg said. “I’m looking forward to two more X Games medals this week.”

Best Whip Official Results:

  1. Jeremy Stenberg
  2. Todd Potter
  3. Jarryd McNeil
  4. Josh Hansen
  5. Thomas Pages
  6. Nate Adams

Best Trick

Jackson Strong, Josh Sheehan, Adam Jones, Taka Higashino, Mark Monea, Todd Potter, Cam Sinclair, and Travis Pastrana.

Adams Jones does his first trick. Then “Jacko” Strong pulls off a trick that the crowd cheering – a front flip! He scores a 95.66. Sheehan pulls off a double back flip. Not only is the crowd going wild, the riders he’s competiting with are cheering him on as well! He scores a 93+.

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 1 - Photo 5 of 6

Jackson Strong lands the first ever front flip at the X Games (Click image for wallpaper size)

Marn Monea goes next, he launches his jump, but falls on the landing. Todd Potter pulls a backflip.

Travis Pastrana wants to do a “720”. He’s been working on it for years. He has said “I want to do this. I want to land it clean on the dirt. I want this monkey off my back.” He’s up. And the crowd is pumped up. He rode both the two-stroke and the four-stroke in practice. He launches – he’s doing a 720 – and falls on his first attempt. He remounts right away. Goes right away for his second attempt – launches, does the 720, but falls again, a bit harder, on this one. He’s favoring his right leg as he get helped off the track.

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 1 - Photo 6 of 6Travis Pastrana

Cam Simclair, defending Gold Medalist is next. He pulls off a great trick! Nac-nac double back flip. He scores 94+ and moves into second place.

Riders are doing their second attempts, but this event, the Moto X Best Trick, and the Gold Medal, belongs to Jackson “Jacko” Strong! The first ever front flip landed cleanly in X Games history!

“I was going to be pumped whether I took first or last place, it was just my goal to do a front flip at X Games,” Strong said. “I think everyone saw how deep I had to dig. I had to hang on tight for that landing for sure.”

The news is now in: Travis Pastrana has broken bones in his foot and ankle.

Moto X Best Trick Official Results:

  1. Jackson Strong – 95.66
  2. Cameron Sinclair – 94.66
  3. Josh Sheehan – 93.33
  4. Taka Higashino – 88.33
  5. Todd Potter – 87.66
  6. Adam Jones – 86.33
  7. Travis Pastrana – 74.00
  8. Mark Monea – 63.00

More from

More Results from X Games 17 – Day 1:

Skateboard Park Final results from The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE. Raven Tershy has won the Gold Medal with a score of 82. Then Pedro Barros from Brazil with an 81. Third Ben Hatchell, Kevin Kowalski, and Omar Hassan.

“I wasn’t looking at the scores, I just tried to lay down my strongest run,” Tershy said. “I’m stoked! I wasn’t expecting this. I had no idea, but I had a great time!”

BMX Freestyle Big Air Final Results: Steve McCann – 91.66, Gold Medal winner, Vince Byron – 90.66, Chad Kagy – 89.33, Anthony Napolitan – 86.66, Colton Satterfield – 84.33, Jed Mildon – 73.00, Zack Warden – 53.00

“It couldn’t have been better for TV,” an elated McCann said. “Coming down to the last run, I just knew I had to stick with my game plan and I kept telling myself I could do it over and over in my head. Finally I had a run that worked out. I’m definitely bruised up, sore and I’m happy.”


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