From the inventors of the US Open, it’s the third annual EnduroCross!

The track is nothing short of incredible – rocks, water, logs, and more. Huge obstacles make for lots of action. EnduroCross brings all the excitement of off-road, trials, motocross, showmanship & more together in one spot. It’s unique in the United States.

This event is about fun. Fun for the fans, fun for the riders. The event is held at the Orleans Hotel & Arena in Las Vegas.

John Dowd was the winner of EnduroCross 2006. Nathan Woods finished second, with last year’s winner David Knight third.

The event had a ‘hero’ come from Friday’s qualifying – Nick from Pennsylvania. He and his girlfriend Ashley drove across the country, in his mom’s car, with his trials bike ‘lovingly’ crammed into the back of the car. He raced on a Sherco Trials bike! And qualified for Saturday night’s racing!

You can watch EnduroCross 2006 right here thru MediaZone. A single day pass is $5.99, and the annual pass is $29.99.

Thanks to every one at Pro Motion Motorsports!

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EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 1 of 12

Part of the Pro Motion crew

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 2 of 12

Ashley & Nick from PA

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 3 of 12

John Dowd

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 4 of 12

The Rocks were brutal!

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 5 of 12
EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 6 of 12

Greg G-Money Gunner Wright is part of SPEED

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 7 of 12
EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 8 of 12

One race was run in complete darkness! Riders had a light on their bike, and a light on their helmet

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 9 of 12

The Orleans Hotel & Arena

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 10 of 12

How does it get on the Internet to watch?

EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 11 of 12
EnduroCross v.3 - Photo 12 of 12

It’s Champagne Time for Knight, Dowd, and Woods!

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