It’s Amanda again. A lot of people write me asking for interviews with the ‘top’ name riders in the sport. Names like ‘Stewart’, ‘Reed’, ‘Dungey’, ‘Villopoto’.

My reply is always the same, “So would I!”

But I also add that it’s difficult to get interviews with the top guys, since they are very busy, try to keep to their schedules, spend time doing sponsor and team commitments, practicing, flying back and forth to races, and the actual races themselves.But one guy that wrote me was persistent. He HAD to have an interview with James Stewart. No particular reason, and he doesn’t work for any media or anything – he just wanted to interview James Stewart.

We kept writing back and forth. Finally, he said “Amanda, what if I give YOU my opinion of the Supercross season and the riders? It’s just my opinion, I’m not friends with any of the riders, I don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes, I’ll just give you my opinion as a fan.”

I said ‘Sure – send it along!”

So, without further ado, here is one fan’s opinion as we come to the end of another AMA Supercross Series Championship Series! (He’ll have to remain nameless, because I said I would as he requested. But now that I think of it … forget it. His name is John W., he’s in the military and right now stationed in Afghanistan.)

Thanks John, and here is John’s opinion – all the way from Afghanistan!

Ryan Dungey – I knew you could do it! So many of us thought you would here on base. had a poll early on before the season on predictions, and I remember seeing about 1400 votes for you. Of course at the beginning of the season, everything was Reed/Stewart, Stewart/Reed … but lots of us here thought you would be the one, and lots of us here voted for you!

James Stewart. Dude – we hardly knew you! Bummer about the wrist! Hope you come back strong. We all like the number 7, and we know you’ll be rockin’ it soon again for us all. Ride on!

Chad Reed. Chad – we hardly knew you too this year! I know your back in action – and we’ll see how the MX Nationals go. I hope you ride in the US Grand Prix of Motocross. I know a lot of people all over the world that watched you back in the day when you raced GPs, and lots of those same people want to see you mix it up with the Euros.

Kevin Windham, and Nick Wey. I don’t know …. but sometimes, when I ride (and yes, we actually do get some riding time here in Afghanistan near base occasionally – I have a Honda CRF 450) I have some advice for you. If you are going over a triple jump, and you are thinking about your kids birthday or that you have to mow the lawn sometime next week – hang it up! Don’t stay too long and not be focused and get hurt.

At the same time, if you are going over a triple jump, and still want to drag race into the next corner and out-brake your competition – keep going for it! We like seeing you two race!

Justin Brayton. Dude. I want more. Paris / Bercy. Your Supercross coming out party! We all thought this year was going to be more of number 23! (I must confess – like I said, I don’t know the behind the scenes stuff – you could of have some injuries that I’m not even aware of.) We want more 23!

Josh Grant. Dude. We hardly knew you too this year! When are you coming back? Are you coming back? Post a message here on’s Message Boards. Let us know! Or let Amanda know! We want to know – what’s up with Josh Grant?!? We like your style on the track.

Andrew Short. From what I can tell, on the coverage on regarding you, you are a really good guy, good person, good husband, good father. That goes a long way. Way more than just racing. Hope you are 100% healed up, kick some @#$ outdoors, and …. all that ‘good’ stuff is going to help you in life way beyond racing.

Man, the top four guys from Supercross last year (James Stewart, Chad Reed, Andrew Short, and Josh Grant – all out for much of the season!) Like I said, at the beginning of the season, everyone was thinking Reed/Stewart, Stewart/Reed.

Ryan Villopoto. So close. And then injury. I can’t even imagine how you must feel. And I don’t know if this is true, but some of my buddies here are saying your broken leg is much worse than some are saying. I hope that isn’t true. It’s great that you keep pushing, kept trying and made the season interesting as long as possible. Maybe next year?

Josh Hill. Dude. You had everyone excited at the beginning of the season! You were kickin’ some butt! But Amanda told me you have had some injuries as the season has progressed. I can relate. Kinda’. I’m certainly no pro level rider … but it’s hard to ride, let alone race, when you are hurting.

Amanda, thanks for letting me voice my opinion. I appreciate it! Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks again!

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