Eli Tomac announces that he will not race tonight in Houston’s Supercross Round 2

Tough break for Eli Tomac. He just announced that he will not continue the race today at Houston Supercross round 2. Last week in Anaheim, he came off his bike and injured his shoulder. His shoulder is an injury which has given him trouble over last year. The practice races helped him make the decision today.

It was kind of sketchy and we waited to hear his announcement. His fans are definitely bummed about the news. Its tough because his crash last week really put him behind in the point standings. I’m sure he and his team hoped he could get back on the bike and perform this week. A podium finish would allow him to start making up points quickly.

Eli Tomac is obviously a preseason favorite to win the MEC season. After tonight he definitely has his work cut out for him. He’s shown some time and time again that he can come from behind and win so we don’t count him out for a second. Looking for to a speedy recovery and show of Tomac epicness!!

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