GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac is racing in first season of professional supercross in 2011. Saturday night in San Diego, at round 7 of the AMA Supercross Series, Eli won his first ever AMA professional supercross event by dominating the 15 lap Lites Western Division Main Event.

Eli had a prolific amateur career, and in his first professional AMA outdoor motocross race (round 1 of the 2010 AMA MX Series in Hangtown), Eli shocked the world by winning the overall in the Lites class.

Eli is currently third in the supercross point standings, as the “West” region now takes a break from racing and the “East” region returns to action.

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Eli On His Season So Far, and His First Supercross Win

“That very first professional supercross race at Anaheim 1, I had some nerves to deal. But now I am getting much more comfortable. Going into the Los Angeles race at Dodger Stadium I was bummed about my first two finishes of the season. As a team, we figured out that my biggest issue so far was my starts, so I really had to work on my starts.

Once I got my starts dialed in, then I started getting more comfortable on the bike and on real supercross tracks. I am pretty sure that has been the key to getting on the podium – being more comfortable on the bike and on the track.

The last race at Anaheim I was really close to getting that “W”, but Josh Hansen was a little bit smarter out there.

Now in San Diego, I’ve finally done it. Got the “W”.

The first five laps I just put my head down and pulled away. It was kinda’ crazy. The track was really tricky and slippery. I got a little nervous out front, but I have learned a lot this season and I’ve gotten better. I got a great start in the main – I was able to pull a good gap over everyone. I caught lapped traffic pretty fast and that made the race interesting. The conditions were tough. It was slick out there and it was very much a one-line track. It feels amazing to get my first win and I hope to get many more wins in the future.

Winning my first supercross in San Diego, it’s just the best feeling. I’ve been working so hard all season to get here and I’m just really happy I finally got my first supercross win.

This is number 1 to me. Winning a supercross is every kid’s dream. 

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Eli on How Tough Racing Motocross and Supercross Is

“You definitely have to be ready for the heat of the moment racing. And I do not like to ride dirty, but in supercross you really have to make those “blunt” passes if you want to make that pass stick. That is something you have to learn and get good at.

It definitely gets you fired up, when you are in those corners racing, you can hear that crowd screaming, and it just gives you that extra spark when you are out there in the race to stay aggressive.

When I first got on the bigger bikes I started having issues with sleeping and my ears ringing, so I started to use ear plugs. I actually think that using ear plugs has helped me to be calmer on the bike, because I am not hearing a bunch of extra noise, so I am more focused.”

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Eli On Home and Family 

Eli and his family live in southwestern Colorado. His dad John Tomac, is a retired professional bicycle racer, who was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1991. Eli’s brother is training to be a pilot in the United States Air Force. Eli’s mom is ‘SuperMom‘, who takes care of them all.

“We do live in a small town compared to living in a big city. We have about 700 acres at home, so life is very different out in Cortez (Colorado). Instead of walking outside and seeing concrete, you see the countryside.

It is a very different lifestyle out in the country, but I definitely have a lot of fun out there. We have deer on the property so we do some hunting. Of course, we do have a motocross track. The entire family is pretty active and we keep very busy. There is a mountain bike trail right across the street and that is cool.

There is also an alfalfa ranch on the property. It is only a portion of the property, but we have a farmer out there that takes care of the crops, irrigates the land, cuts it, bails it, and we sell it to agriculture places that have horses and cows.

What I admire the most about my dad is that he has “been there and done that”, and had a professional career. He knows what is going on, so I look up to him for what he has done. He definitely has led me down the right path and I am very thankful for that.

My mom does so much for the entire family, she is a great cook and pretty much takes care of everything. I wouldn’t be living as well and doing the things in life that I’m able to do if it wasn’t for her.

My brother is in the US Air Force and right now he is training to be a pilot. He has another month and then he will be assigned to a plane, so he is definitely achieved a lot, and I think that is very cool. 

Eli Finishes by Talking About His Team, GEICO Honda 

“This year I got a new mechanic, Brian Kranz. He has been a really good guy and he previously worked with Brett Metcalfe. We are both kind of quiet, so I think we work well together.

Obviously the Team owners and managers are awesome guys. Justin Barcia, Wil Hahn and Blake Wharton are my team mates. The team is really great and I think the team works well together. Even the engine guy is awesome, so I am very happy to be on the GEICO Honda Team.

The whole team is like a family and we all get along great. Justin actually got me into RC car racing, so we have been hanging out racing those RC cars and Blake Wharton (is the guy with the crazy hair). My whole GEICO Honda team is awesome, they’re the coolest guys out there.”

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Eli at Hangtown 2010

Eli talks to Tiffany just a few hours before winning the San Diego Supercross Lites West Main Event

Eli Tomac is Charging Through Supercross in 2011 - Photo 5 of 5

Eli Tomac, San Diego Supercross, 2011

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