Why is this called Editor’s Blog? I couldn’t come up with a better name. What is this blog going to be about? I have no clue.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have a clue. I’ll write about whatever thoughts come in my head at the time I’m writing … probably total random stuff … OK, a lot of random stuff … maybe a little motocross & supercross news that I can’t figure out where to put anywhere else on the site … maybe some history of the sport … and most definitely – any strange things that ‘cross my desk’. (And, I think you’ll be entertained over the next few weeks and months as I share with you some of the ‘strange’ stuff that comes into Supercross.com.)

Editor’s note #2. People here want me to do it basically on the ‘history of the sport’. Maybe.

I’m not an Editor. Dumb name. I do a lot of ‘editing’, but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an ‘Editor’.

My job is more like ‘traffic cop’. I try to keep everything flowing, or at least moving in the right direction. I don’t really do any one thing specifically – I just do a lot of little things all the time. Again, I’m not an ‘Editor’, but I do edit a lot. Words. Photos. Video. But mostly words. You’d be surprised how many ‘smart’ people have such awful writing skills (me included). And poor grammar. And bad punctuation.

So, let’s start with our “staff”. We actually are a very small company. And we all get paid ‘weekly’. Very weakly! (Oh, that was so very funny Editor!)

We don’t really have a ‘staff’. We are a group of friends, that are trying to do something we like & enjoy. We have a few full time employees, but basically, we invest a lot of time into the site because of something we all have in common – a passion for what we do.

But let’s pretend we have a really big staff! I’m going to comment on all of them! (OK, at least the people whose names I can remember!)

Me: I don’t really do much. I’ve found that if you walk around the office, holding a piece of paper in your hand & maybe a pen in the other hand, or act like you are super-busy talking on your cell phone on a super-important call, … either one of those can make it look like you are actually working! And it’s a great way to make the day go by quicker – without doing much work! Those are both incredibly good time wasters! And I am very good at it!

I also volunteer any time to go to Starbucks or get donuts. Anytime. Good luck if you are expecting me back soon! (Chances are I’ll be napping in my car while listening to the radio for a few hours.)

My writing skills, grammar, and punctuation are actually stellar.

Amanda: What can I say about Amanda? She … really does it all. She is the brains and the (fill in the blank here) of Supercross.com. She’s Amazing. She can pretty much do every aspect of the site, and run the business. I’d like to say I’ve trained her well … but that would be a lie (although she does know a few good Starbucks locations).

She’s smart. On the ball. Works her (fill in the blank) off, and …. truly does it all! She writes articles, does computer programming, takes photos, shoots video, stars in videos, and runs the business side of things. I can’t think of anything she can’t do.

In her spare time, Amanda works at a flight instruction school, as she is an instrument rated Commercial Pilot. (Bet none of you knew that!)

Amanda does have one ‘issue’ though. And we’ve talked about it at length. I’m not sure what to do about it. But …. (Amanda, I hope you don’t mind me writing this, and I hope the Animal Control folks do not come visit the spacious Supercross.com World Headquarters) … Amanda has a giant, real life Panda she keeps in the office. It’s weird. And it makes weird sounds sometimes. I don’t even think she’s given it a name – we just call it ‘The Panda’.

When we have people come into our office, they usually comment “Oh, you have a Panda in your office. How …. nice.”

Amanda’s writing, grammar, and punctuation skills are great. Except when she tries to spell the name ‘Jeremy McGrath’. It always comes out ‘Jermy Mcgraf’. Weird. And that frickin’ live Panda needs to go!

The G-Man. Gerald. I call him Magic. Cause he does magic. If I knew what he did, I’d tell you. But … I don’t. It’s like magic. Ever watch magicians? They do stuff really fast and you can’t really follow along quick enough to really see everything that’s going on? That’s Gerald. My eyes can’t keep up with what he does. He does all the stuff that no one else knows how to do. He also does tons of graphic design, programming, photography … and top secret stuff at home. I’m guessing he has like 15 people working for him at ‘home’, because the amount of work he gets done is just about impossible for one person to do. It’s … magic!

One fact you might not know about Gerald. He invented a very exciting, well known, extreme sport! I know you’ve heard of it! It’s called ‘Crossing the Street!’

Gerald taught me all my writing skills, grammar, and punctuation – so he is like an English Guru to me.

Angela. Me and Angela fight a lot. You ever see that photo of me in the Supercross Community when I’m on a stretcher in the hospital with a bunch of broken bones? Yeah, well … you should of seen what she looked like after that! (OK, she actually gave me one swift kick in the face and I was toast … but why let the truth get in the way of a good story?)

Ange is dedicated. Hard working. Knowledgeable. You can’t even put a price tag on any of that. But we still fight a lot! But only because I want the best for her. She just doesn’t listen to me! Ange~ listen to me! My IQ is … at least room temperature! I know what I’m talking about! So when I say “Go ask that hot chick if she wants to go out with a balding, graying, roundish 51 year old guy!” Go ask her for me! You never know – she might say ‘Yes’! It could happen!

OK, seriously, Ange is dedicated, hard working, and knowledgeable. She knows motocross and supercross. Interesting fact about Angela. She’s been involved in the sport since the early 90’s. She knows it all. And she has never worked at Hot Dog on a Stick. At least not yet.

Her writing, grammar, and punctuation … let’s just say I’m getting her a book for Christmas on that!

Michele. Michele is crazy. Crazy good. But crazy none-the-less! She does so much stuff …. I don’t even know what she does half the time. OK, 3/4 of the time. OK, 90% of the time! OK, all the time!

Michele makes me laugh. She’s fun, and funny. And, we are going to meet this week to work on stuff. Or maybe not. Maybe next week? Michele – where r u???? I thought we were going to meet last week, this week, next week ….. some week …. any week!

Michele is one thing for sure. Passionate. She IS MXGirls. And MXGirls is a big, growing part of our site. Go MJ go! You can do it! (And please write or call me sometime – I miss you.)

I have to give Michele an ‘incomplete’ on her writing and grammar and punctuation, only because we usually just text. And I just messages like this: Luv u! LOL! OMG! L8r Lozr!

Yamamama. Where would this site be without Yamamama? I’ll tell you – it wouldn’t be here. If it wasn’t for her hope, joy, happiness, giant tasty cookies & sugary treats, and those $100,000 infusions of cash each month, none of us would be here. She is the glue and the string and duct tape that holds this site together.

Here is a story of how good Yamamama is: one time, the site was hacked by a band of tatooed, pierced, greasy-haired prison inmates from Greenland. We called Technical Support …. but the wait time was 4 hours. What were we to do? The frickin’ site was down! Yamamama sprang into action as only she could. She baked a batch of oatmeal cookies, put on her slippers, got in her car in the dead of winter, drove to the prison in Greenland, and showered the band of tatooed, pierced, greasy-haired prison inmates from Greenland with love and cookies … and they restored the site to it’s normal functionality.

Yamamama is writing her discertation (you might want to Google that word so you can figure out what it means) for her Masters Degree in English, so her writing skillz r gud.

Russ. You know, a lot of people in the message boards used to not like Russ. But big improvements have been made. I think we have it under 10,000 people now that don’t like Russ. But you know what’s better than that? Lots of people have showed they like Russ, and respect Russ! That was awesome! Way to go Message Board People! I didn’t know you had it in you, and you made me feel really good. I knew you weren’t all ‘balls full of hate’! (I hope Russ feels good about all those people that really have his back, …. although sorry about that bounced check buddy. It should be good tomorrow. Maybe. I hope.)

Russ gets to do stuff that we never get to do. He lives in New Zealand. (Insert sheep joke here.) He got a lesson on riding from Amanda. And I think he has the ‘delete’ key for the Message Boards.

So, if you got a riding lesson from Amanda, do you really care anything about writing skills, grammar, and punctuation? No. Because you’ll be bringing home that 2010 Supercross Championship, and we’ll have that big trophy right here in our office! Yeah! (What? You want the 2010 trophy in your office in New Zealand?????)

To see Amanda’s Motocross School for Russ, you can watch this video here on YouTube.

Krystal. Krystal K. You don’t know Krystal yet. Krystal – did your mom approve what I wrote about you? I didn’t get anything back. I don’t want her to get mad at me, or get any funny thoughts! Holla’ back at me girl! And then we can compare dating stories too! (Krystal has mad writing skills.)

John. John, I’m not forgetting you! I just don’t know what to write about you! I want it to be entertaining and funny! (First drawback then – I’m neither entertaining or funny.) Can I tell people about the time …. wait … no … that won’t work ….. how about the time …. no, can’t tell people about that. Remember the time we ……. no, we’d probably get in trouble for that.

Can I tell people about the time we went fishing at SeaWorld? That was awesome! It was so easy!

And, I can tell people John is generous and gracious and wise and smart. Who took care of me last time I visited the hospital? John. Who took me into his house when I was hurt? John. And who gave me all the beers to dull the pain of those injuries? John! Great guy, great friend!

And John makes $%^& happen.

But I don’t know too much about John’s writing and grammar and punctuation. He’s a big tech guy, and everything is automated and voice controlled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him write anything! It’s all speech recognition!

Who am I forgetting? Well, a lot of people! I can’t write some stuff about some of the people here, because they’d probably get mad. Or I could mis-spell their names. But y’all know who you are! You are really awesome (fill in your name here please)! (I’ll write about all the other people here in another blog – if I remember.)

Rick Johnson. What can we say about Rick? I don’t know. Some guy who rode a motorcycle a long time ago? Rick and I have actually been friends before he was ‘Rick Johnson’. We hung out together in school. I was the smart one, and RJ was the guy sitting next to me asking me for the answers to all the tests and questions. We both got straight A’s in high school!

Rick is a lot of things …. and I can share some of them here with you. First, dude is a hard worker. A lot of people think if you have some success in one endeavor (supercross / motocross racing) you might kick back and relax. Not Rick. He is one of the hardest working people I know. He goes 7 days a week. Second, Rick is a great husband, great father, great friend. Doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. (Except if you cut him off at exit 33 in Mooresville NC in a truck. Then you are going to get your truck and your face smashed in.)

You might find this strangely odd – but Rick’s writing skills are very, very, very, very similar to mine : )

Well, if you’ve read this far, then obviously you have no life and are totally bored. But I thank you.

I’m going to take some classes on blogging, and eventually I will have a blog that is at least mediocre, maybe even average.

p.s. Please do me three big favors …

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