The Dunlop GEOMAX MX51 is an ‘intermediate terrain’ tire (front and/or rear) designed specifically for supercross and motocross.

These tires have a new profile design, with more tread volume in the shoulders for excellent cornering grip, and a more open center-tread area for straight-line grip.

The GEOMAX 51 also has recessed biting edges in the shoulder tread blocks, which yield more traction for greater grip, especially in corners and ruts, and throughout a wide range of terrain conditions that you’ll come across in supercross or motocross.

These tires have a chiseled shoulder block shape improves side traction and makes traversing ruts easier. This tapered shape facilitates knob penetration through soft surfaces, whereas a flat knob would “float” and / or be deflected. Instead, theses tapered knobs penetrate into the firmer underlying ground to give the tire more bite, which equals more traction.

The GEOMAX MX51 series is brand new for 2009.

Dunlop motorcycle tires are used by some of the top teams and riders in AMA Supercross & Motocross, and look for even more to be using these tires in 2010!

For more info on the Dunlop GEOMAX MX51 for Supercross & Motocross, you can visit this link:

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