Dunlop, one of the world leaders in tires, has introduced a new series of motocross and supercross tires – the Geomax Series. They have the MX 31, which is for very soft terrain, they have the MX51, which covers intermediate terrain, and coming eventually, the MX 71 for really hard dirt.

So, our friends at Dunlop, specifically six time national motocross champion and current Dunlop employee Broc Glover, along with Perris Raceway owners Rick Johnson ((seven time national motocross and supercross champion) and Sebastien Tortelli (two-time world motocross champion) decided to have a little get together with us media folk to see and ride with what the new tires are all about!

The track – perfect. The day – perfect. Who was there? Jeremy McGrath, Kevin Windham, Jeff Ward, Malcolm Smith, Trey Canard, Jessica Patterson, Micheal Sleeter, Andrew Short, Erik Kehoe, and lot of others.

And who was on hand to catch all the action? Amanda and her Amanda-cam!

Please enjoy the video. If you don’t likie it the first time, watch it again. It might be better the second time around : )


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