Washougal outdoor Nationals Track overview Ryan Poelman

This past weekend, the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Series, visited the infamous Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington. Red Bull/KTM’s, Ryan Dungey was untouchable, sweeping both motos to capture the overall win for Round Nine.

JGRMX rider, Justin Brayton captured the $500 Motosport.com holeshot award for Moto one. However championship contender, Ryan Dungey, made quick work of the Yamaha rider, putting his Red Bull/KTM out front early in lap one.

The remaining front-runners spent the early laps of the Moto battling their way back from some poor starts. Trey Canard was able to stick the pass for third on BTO Sports/KTM rider, Andrew Short, in the same section he broke his femur just a few years back. As the Muscle Milk/Honda rider and Red Bull/KTM superstar, Ken Roczen made their way into the number two and three positions; Dungey had already put seven seconds between himself and second position.

Last week’s overall winner, Eli Tomac, was able to close on the battle between Canard and Roczen. With just over ten minutes remaining on the clock, Roczen and Tomac were able to push Canard back to fourth.

As Dungey continued to pull away from the pack, Tomac looked to put the pressure on 250 rival, Ken Roczen. GEICO/Honda’s Eli Tomac, managed to make a quick pass on the series points leader with only three minutes remaining on the clock.

As the checkers flew, it was the number five of Ryan Dungey who took the Moto one win, with a fifteen second lead. Tomac managed to hold onto second position, while the series points leader took the number three spot for Moto one.

In Moto two, it was JGRMX’s Justin Brayton that led the pack into turn one. 2013 Canadian Motocross Champion, Brett Metcalfe and Moto one winner, Ryan Dungey stocked the number ten of Justin Brayton.

Dungey was able to catch Metcalfe following Brayton and managed to put both riders behind him and his KTM out front, once again. As Roczen set to make his way through the pack from just outside the top ten, Eli Tomac was able to put his Honda into the number two position.

Colorado-native, Eli Tomac was the only rider on the track to keep the number five honest, out front. Although Roczen was able to get by veteran rider, Brett Metcalfe, he was unable to hang with the speed of Dungey and Tomac.

As Dungey continued to hold his four second lead over Tomac, the exciting battles were that of the privateer and fill in riders, in the back half of the top ten. RCH/Soaring Eagle/Suzuki fill-in rider, Weston Peick was the one on the move, making his way by Justin Brayton and GEICO/Honda fill-in rider, Freddy Noren, to put himself into sixth position.

Ryan Dungey swept both motos, in convincing fashion, to capture the overall for Round Nine. It was Eli Tomac who allowed Dungey to gain ten points on Roczen, in the championship points chase, by taking second position away from Roczen. Ken Roczen managed to hold onto to third in both motos to take third overall at Washougal.

Washougal-local, Tommy Weeks received the privateer award for his outstanding finishes in his only race of the year.

In the 250 class, it was the Yamaha’s that got the power to ground to get over the Holeshot with the one and two positions locked down. Christophe Pourcell took the $500 Motosport.com Holeshot Award, followed by series points leader Jeremy Martin. After achieving his life-long dream of earning a national overall win in his own backyard, last weekend, Jeremy Martin was on fire once again. Martin was able to get his red plated Yamaha out front early, after sticking the pass on the three-seventy-seven of Christophe Pourcel.

However, Marvin Musquin also looked to be on it, as well, after a successful weekend, last weekend at Millville. The Red Bull/KTM rider was also able to put his KTM in front of the Crafty Frenchman early, with sights set on Jeremy Martin, out front.

As Musquin closed on the back tire of Martin, he didn’t waste anytime making the pass.

With all the heavy artillery up in the top ten, Baggett’s poor start didn’t look to be promising. However, one of the deep ruts managed to get the best of Martin, allowing Pourcel, Baggett and Anderson to push him back to fifth position. After making his way by Martin, Baggett was able to close on Pourcel and put his Kawasaki into second position.

With just over five minutes remaining on the clock, Jason Anderson high sided after getting sideways in the shadows of Washougal. Anderson was unable to rejoin the race, due to the condition of his bike, but, also looked to hit his head pretty severely.

Marvin Musquin celebrated his first Moto win of the season with heel clicker and fist pump over the finish. Pourcel managed to hold onto second with all the chaos going on behind him. After losing a position to teammate, Jeremy Martin, Cooper Webb was able to make the pass to take third in Moto one.

Heading into Moto two, it was Christophe Pourcel who captured the Motosport.com holeshot award. However, Bogle was quick to strike, making his way by Pourcel, with Blake Baggett, not far behind in third position.

The number twenty-five of Marvin Musquin was absolutely on fire once again, making the pass on Blake Baggett, to put his KTM into the number three position.

Jeremy Martin engaged Christophe Pourcel in battle shortly before the halfway point. As the Yamaha’s drag raced to the top of horsepower hill, it was Martin who came out ahead of Pourcel, taking over fourth position.

With ten minutes remaining on the clock, Justin Bogle was forced to surrender the lead to Marvin Musquin, as Musquin went far outside to take away the inside in the following corner and take over the lead.

Bogle didn’t last long in second position either, as Baggett snuck up to steal away the number two spot.

Marvin Musquin rode the outside lines all the way to the podium in both motos to sweep Washougal with a 1-1 finish. Blake Baggett managed to pick up a few points on Star Racing/Yamalube rider, Cooper Webb with a second overall finish for the day. Although Bogle fought hard for a third place finish in Moto two, it was Jeremy Martin’s 4-4 that would take third overall for Round Nine of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series.

With only four rounds remaining the riders will have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks. Many riders on the mend, like; Josh Grant, Jason Anderson and Jake Weimer are thankful for the break this weekend to allow their bodies some time to heal and recover.

After one weekend off, the series will return to one of the oldest race tracks in North America, for Round 10 at Washougal Raceway in New Berlin, New York.

1. Ryan Dungey (1-1)
2. Eli Tomac (2-2)
3. Ken Roczen (3-3)
4. Brett Metcalfe (5-4)
5. Andrew Short (6-5)
6. Weston Peick (7-6)
7. Trey Canard (4-11)
8. Fredrick Noren (9-7)
9. Justin Brayton (8-8)
10. Christian Craig (10-12)

1. Ken Roczen – 407
2. Ryan Dungey – 393
3. Trey Canard – 330
4. Brett Metcalfe – 256
5. James Stewart – 226
6. Josh Grant – 218
7. Andrew Short – 218
8. Weston Peick – 217
9. Eli Tomac – 212
10. Chad Reed – 156

1. Marvin Musquin (1-1)
2. Blake Baggett (5-2)
3. Jeremy Martin (4-4)
4.Cooper Webb (3-5)
5. Justin Bogle (7-3)
6. Joey Savatgy (6-7)
7. Dean Wilson (8-6)
8. Christophe Pourcel (2-15)
9. Cole Seely (9-9)
10. Jessy Nelson (11-10)

1. Jeremy Martin – 377
2. Cooper Webb – 334
3. Blake Baggett – 323
4. Marvin Musquin – 291
5. Justin Bogle – 274
6. Christophe Pourcel – 274
7. Jason Anderson – 236
8. Cole Seely – 212
9. Jessy Nelson – 185
10. Alex Martin – 156


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