In this episode, Tony talks about his time in Estonia, his race in Sweden, and his plans for today!

Tony Cairoli is the former MX2 World Motocross Champion, and currently leading the MX1 World Motocross Series. Tony is from Italy, and rides for Yamaha Red Bull De Carli, number 222. Below are Tony’s own words after the Swedish MXPG!

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2009 Motocross Grand Prix of Sweden – Uddevalla

Hey everyone,

I just goth back home from Sweden. As I mentioned last time, we didn’t go home between the GP of Latvia and the GP of Sweden, because we had a race in Estonia on Tuesday that my team-mate Tanel (Leok) organized.

The Monday after the Latvian Grand Prix we packed up all our stuff and drove with our camper to Estonia – we went to Tanel’s place and we had a nice dinner together with a lot of riders, friends and Tanel’s family.

Tuesday I did the race near Tanel’s house. The track was really nice and we had two nice heats and a Superfinal. Tanel won the first heat and I won the second. And because of a little bad luck for Tanel, I was able to win the Superfinal.

It was a really nice, fun race. We finished our last heat around 9 in the night, and, believe it or not, on a Tuesday night, there were over 10,000 spectators!

I enjoyed to see where Tanel lives, and I was also able to get a better image of his country (Estonia).

Wednesday we took the boat to Sweden. It was nice because we stayed on the boat together with a lot of riders, so we had fun. We arrived in Sweden on Thursday, and then we arrived at the track that night.

Friday it was such nice weather, so we went swimming in a lake near the track.

Saturday I was able to finish fourth overall in the MX1 Qualification Heat, so that meant I could go to the start gate in fourth position on Sunday.

In the first heat Sunday I AGAIN had a pretty bad start. What can I say? : ) But I was able to fight back until the end of the race, and I finished in fourth position. I was close to Desalle in the last few laps, but I didn’t want to take any risks, so I was happy with fourth.

In the second heat on Sunday, I FINALLY had a good start! What can I say? : ) FINALLY! : ) I lead the entire race from start till finish … so I know it is definitely way easier to finish in the top three if you can make a good start!

I was happy that I could climb back on the podium again. I ended up with second overall, behind Max, …. and Ken had third place.

So, I could go back home with a few really nice trophies in my camper, and I’m still carrying the important red plate on my bike : ) I’ve been really pleased with my last three races!

Now we have a gap in the GP schedule, three weekends with no races. The next Grand Prix will be in Lommel, Belgium the first weekend in August. Next week I will go home to Sicily for a week, spending some time with my family and try to get a tan : )

But for now, I have to hurry because today is a special day – it is my girlfriend’s birthday! I’ve put balloons all over the place! And I’m only getting started! : )

Speak to you soon!

GRAZIE! Ciaoooo



Direct from Europe - Tony Cairoli, Motocross World Championship points leader - Photo 1 of 1

Tony winning second moto in Sweden on Sunday

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There is the ‘
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