In many ways it has been one to forget for the Honda World Motocross Team at the Grand Prix of Great Britain. The weekend started with news that an injury to Evgeny Bobryshev would preclude him from taking part in proceedings, and ended with a crash for Rui Gonçalves in the second moto.

Difficult weekend for Honda World Motocross Team in Great Britain - Photo 1 of 1

In the first, Gonçalves had battled to sixth on fast flowing track that did not seem to suit his style. Out front Frossard and Pourcel would duel, with Pourcel taking the honours. The second moto saw the Portuguese making moves towards the top-five, before a horror crash between Tanel Leok and Billy Mackenzie bought out the red flag at around the 20min mark.

In the re-rack, Gonçalves got a better start and was running in the top-five but the added duration of another half moto began to take its toll and the Honda man began to fade towards the end. A small coming together with Boissiere on the last lap would see Gonçalves hittin g the deck. Although he managed to re-mount, a finish of 14th was all he could muster. The race was won by Antonio Cairoli, who would also take the overall GP victory.

Rui Gonçalves, Honda World Motocross, “I was absolutely empty after that one and had given all I had and had really bad cramps at the end of the moto but forced myself to finish. It was a disappointing weekend overall and I am not at all happy, but I will pick myself up, move on to the next one and look for a strong end to the season.”

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