Round 12

Supercross Results
1. James Stewart KAW    
2. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
3. Chad Reed YAM    
4. Ivan Tedesco SUZ    
5. Nick Wey HON    
6. Michael Byrne KAW    
7. Ryan Clark HON    
8. Billy Laninovich HON    
9. Tim Ferry HON    
10. Jason Thomas HON    
11. Travis Preston HON    
12. Kevin Windham HON    
13. Jiri Dostal YAM    
14. Heath Voss YAM    
15. Erick Vallejo HON    
16. Mike Brown SUZ    
17. Clark Stiles YAM    
18. Jeff Gibson HON    
19. Brock Sellards HON    
20. Jacob Saylor HON    
Supercross Points
Ricky Carmichael 259
Chad Reed 249
James Stewart 239
Ivan Tedesco 194
Nick Wey 185
Michael Byrne 181
Travis Preston 146
Ernesto Fonseca 125
Mike Larocco 108
Tim Ferry 96
Ryan Clark 94
Jeff Gibson 84
Jason Thomas 79
Jeremy McGrath 67
Tyler Evans 62
Mike Brown 57
David Vuillemin 56
Jeff Dement 54
Heath Voss 43
Kyle Lewis 37
Lites Results
1. Josh Grant HON    
2. Davi Millsaps HON    
3. Chris Gosselaar KAW    
4. Tommy Hahn HON    
5. Kelly Smith HON    
6. Robby Kiniry HON    
7. Josh Woods SUZ    
8. Josh Summey HON    
9. Jay Marmont KTM    
10. Martin Davalos YAM    
11. Branden Jesseman YAM    
12. Teddy Maier KAW    
13. Byran Johsnon YAM    
14. Donnie Mcgourty KAW    
15. Kyle Chisholm KAW    
16. Kevin Johnson YAM    
17. Greg Schnell SUZ    
18. Dusty Klatt HON    
19. Michael Blose HON    
20. Chris Blose HON    
Lites Points
Davi Millsaps 141
Josh Grant 119
Chris Gosselaar 114
Branden Jesseman 96
Tommy Hahn 80
Kelly Smith 67
Robby Kiniry 66
Martin Davalos 59
Teddy Maier 48
Michael Blose 45
Bryan Johnson 40
Josh Hansen 38
Josh Summey 37
Sean Hamblin 36
Jay Marmont 36
Donny Klatt 33
Kyle Chisholm 32
Josh Woods 31
Chad Johnson 30
Tucker Hibbert 29

Ford Field

James Stewart wins Detroit Supercross, Josh Grant nabs East Coast Lites Supercross

Supercross Class: James Stewart, riding the Kawasaki KXF 450, dominated the Main Event for the second week in a row. Once again, he led all 20 laps. James is in third place in the point standings, with 239 points. Ricky Carmichael, the defending Supercross Champion, rode smartly to finish in second place. RC leads the point standings with 259 points. Third place went to Yamaha’s Chad Reed, who has been riding with a sore shoulder. Reedy is second in the points chase with 249. These three riders are far and away the top three supercross riders in the world.

Lites Supercross: Josh Grant, riding for the Sobe/Samsung Honda racing team, won his second East Coast Lites Main Event in a row. He trails Davi Millsaps by 22 points as they head into the final round for the East Lites next weekend in Houston. Davi Millsaps finished in second place tonight, and leads the point standings with 141. He only needs to finish in 17th position or better next weekend to clinch the East Lites Championship. Chris Gosselaar finished in third position in the 15 lap main event.

Notes: David Vuillemin is not racing for two reasons: 1. He injured his ankle at Daytona. 2. He and the BooKoo Honda team have separated. More info about that in the This Week in Supercross Audio Podcast Sunday evening. This was the first time supercross racing has been at the new Ford Field.

This Week in Supercross audio podcast comes out Sunday evenings.

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