Denver local Geoff Aaron looks to derail EnduroCross’ Taddy Train - Photo 1 of 4

Blazusiak tries to run his 2010 EX record to 5-0 in Denver this weekend – has to go through Aaron!

Denver local Geoff Aaron looks to derail EnduroCross’ Taddy Train - Photo 2 of 4“Unstoppable” has pretty much been the mantra for KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak on this year’s GEICO AMA EnduroCross Series, presented by E3 Spark Plugs, tour. Through four races Blazusiak’s 4-0 and looks to run his unblemished record one better and the penultimate round of EnduroCross this weekend in Denver.

And poised to get in his way on the floor of the National Western Complex is the nation’s No. 2 EnduroCross racer this year, Colorado’s amazing bike pilot Geoff Aaron (GEICO/Christini/KTM/Red Bull).

In four EnduroCross starts this season Aaron’s finished 2nd to Blazusiak three times and trails the defending ’09 EnduroCross champ 120-85 in the overall Pro class points, while leading 3rd place overall Justin Soule by 14 points. Undaunted, Aaron is looking to the Denver round – in front of a slew of his friends and family – to top Poland’s Blazusiak for the first time this year.

GEICO EnduroCross caught up with Aaron – America’s top trials rider – at his home in Bailey, Colo., and got the scoop on Colorado’s hottest motorsports ticket this weekend with him and Blazusiak.

GEICO EnduroCross: Geoff, always a good crowd in Denver (sold out the past three years) and a pro-Geoff Aaron crowd at that. Good to race in front of the hometown fans?

Geoff Aaron: Denver is always a good track and there is a huge base of die hard off-roaders both participating and spectating. I’m ready to put in a solid ride this year in front of friends, family and Endurocross fans.

GEICO EnduroCross: OK … down to business … Taddy Blazusiak is rolling – big time. He’s on the verge of GEICO EnduroCross’ first-ever undefeated season. What’s it going to take from you, the No. 2 racer, to derail the Taddy Train?

Geoff Aaron: Taddy is a talented racer with a history of impressive rides. I’ve been working hard this year and feel better than ever. Let’s hope all the time and effort pays off with a win. It would help if he started making some mistakes! He’s good but still beatable.

Denver local Geoff Aaron looks to derail EnduroCross’ Taddy Train - Photo 3 of 4

GEICO EnduroCross: As a great motorcycle rider yourself you’ve got to appreciate Taddy’s skills. What’s he doing that’s allowing him to win the first four rounds of GEICO EnduroCross?

Geoff Aaron: Good starts, aggressive and a little crazy. He steps up when he needs to and when it gets sketchy you see the trials skills come out. I guess that’s what it takes to win? Maybe I should try that? (laughter)

GEICO EnduroCross: Tell us about yours and Taddy’s best battle this year.

Geoff Aaron: We swapped the lead a few times at the Vegas opener. Nothing too intense but a fun battle and some different lines. Our speed was similar so both of us looked for openings. It was clean racing and a good start to the season.

GEICO EnduroCross: Along those lines, your technical skills – given your trials background – are second-to-none in GEICO EnduroCross. For 2010 do you feel your overall EnduroCross track speed’s improved at all?

Geoff Aaron: My speed seems to be better this year. My bike is better, my fitness is better and I’m more confident. I’ve had a few good Pioneer hot laps and feel good on the bike. I’ve been slowly improving each season.

Better get on your tickets right away for Aaron and Blazusiak’s battle this Saturday night, Oct. 30th, at Denver’s National Western Complex as the event’s always a hot ticket in the off-road friendly state of Colorado! Tickets for the night show are available at your local participating Kawasaki dealer: Fay Meyers Motorsports, Sun Kawasaki, Rocky Mountain Kawasaki, Moto Adventure and Grand Prix Motorsports TicketsWest and National Western Complex.

Denver local Geoff Aaron looks to derail EnduroCross’ Taddy Train - Photo 4 of 4

EnduroCross tracks incorporate various elements of off road racing into a supercross-style setting, including rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, a water-hole … and even a few special obstacles like giant tires thrown in! Known as the “toughest racing on two wheels,” this indoor version of extreme off road racing will certainly keep you on your feet. With its excitement and unpredictability the EnduroCross championship has always gone down to the wire and this year will be no different as the series starts and finishes at Vegas’ Orleans Arena! Don’t miss your chance to see GEICO Powersports AMA Endurocross “Live.”

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