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Take Aways From Round 10 – Daytona Supercross

Daytona Supercross Round 10 Recap.

Daytona did’t disappoint the fans. Going into Daytona Florida, there were a number of stories to follow and keep in mind. One of the big ones was Austin Fortner. Austin Forkner is currently on a roll and it doesn’t seem like it will be stopping anytime soon.

After this weekend the track in Daytona Supercross track is now known as “The Beast” and for good reason. It was brutal at times. The sand was difficult for everyone throughout the entire night. There were a number of crashes that took place from the quals, practice rounds, and main event races.

The Sand wasn’t something everyone was able to figure out. Some of the crashes were significant and gave a number of injuries. Aaron Plessinger was one of the bigger ones. He’s a crowd favorite and new to the 450 class. It was tough to watch him go down.

Throughout each turn, there seemed to be a split second decision that needed to be made by riders and that was to go high or go low. If you went High you could use the momentum to help push yourself past the rider that took the lower route or he could get the corner quicker and use that shortcut of distance to help him.

The track literally looked different with each start. The fact is there didn’t seem to be a right or wrong decision most of the night both seem equally difficult it just mattered, how comfortable the rider was with the sand.

It seemed to be the most difficult design yet and it was fun to watch. Hat tip to the goat’s design!

Some of the takeaways for Daytona Supercross are

  1. Eli Tomac, he seems to be on a really really weird roller coaster ride after a very dominating 2018 season and dominating outdoor 2018 Motocross season. Eli currently sits second in the points standings with 203 points total.
  2. Tomac is almost 20 points behind Cooper Webb and we’re in round 10. We are past the ½ waypoint for the season.
  3. Musquin is third in the points standings and is actually tied with Eli Tomac. Marvin has been steady throughout the season and passed Ken Roczen along the way. 
  4. Marvin has 203 points while Ken Roczen has 201, he’s found his self on the podium multiple rounds and really could pass Eli Tomac in the upcoming rounds KTM Riders have been dominant throughout this year.
  5. Austin Forkner has been very dominant throughout the season, with win after win. Each round he finds a way to finish on top and in some cases he’s not even the fastest for the day. He just knows how to win right now.

Austin Forkner has completely separated himself from the rest of the 250 East class and aside from the East /West showdown in Atlanta where he lost to Adam Cianciarulo. He’s built an impressive points lead. Austin is currently first with 125 points the next closest Ryder is Justin Cooper and Chase Sexton at 102 points and Alex Martin is 4th with only 78 points.

It will be difficult for Cooper or Sexton to take down Austin at this point. They will need him to make a big mistake somewhere. He has a very aggressive riding style in the practice and qualifying rounds.

He always seems to be laying the bike down in one area or another as he tries to aggressively figure out the track so that he makes minimal mistakes in the main races. It’s actually very impressive to watch the process.


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